Friday, May 31, 2019

Friends Forever

It's Friday friends.

Today's post is about two friends.
One who travelled to Florida,
while one stayed in Michigan.

She moved to Florida to be with her other BFF. 

She will be missed by her friend here.

However her new mama will take good care of her.

Thank you again Winnie for asking me to create her.
I thoroughly enjoyed sewing this dollie 
entirely by hand the old fashion way.
There are stitches made to look raggedy.
A rusty pin attached where her dress was not sewn.
Antique buttons for eyes.

Her necklace is wooly strips 
that came from my antique rug shown above.
The vendor gave them to me.
I tried to hook back into the rug,
however it was so old and fragile
I gave up.
So repurpose I did.

I enjoyed making the first one so much,
had to make one for myself.

This is my gal. [dollie]
She will remain in Michigan.
Maybe someday 
she might visit her friend in Florida?

She is from the same pattern I drew for
Winnie's dollie... just sewn a bit different
Once again by hand.
Her frock is ripped at the top,
and I added a few buttons.
Rusty safety pin also attached to her frock
where it was not sewn on the left.
She is now residing as one of my
July 4th displays....which I will show soon.

This weekend will find me finishing up a witch.
Yes you heard me right.
I have to be a step ahead.  

What will your weekend be?
Will you find yourself relaxing or partying?
Stitching or hooking?
BBQ or eating out?

Whatever you do...have fun!

Friends Forever Blessings To All!


  1. Sweet doll. this weekend brings a dance recital for my grand daughter. which always brings me back to her mother and her dance recitals at that age.

    1. How awesome you are able to spend so much time with miss sweet B! Janice

  2. Back in the day I so enjoyed making primitive dolls. Guess I got burned out because when doing shows and producing things to have good inventory for those shows it began to feel like work. Sometimes I have a quick urge to make when I see yours. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks! I got tired for awhile but got my groove back! Janice

  3. Very sweet faces.
    Still love that old rug!!!

  4. These are just darling, Janice. Someone in Florida is going to be over the moon!

    1. Thank you Jeanie! Yes Winnie is over the moon with her dollie! Janice

  5. Darlin’ lil’ gals Janice....and I’m with Lauren...still loving that rug. This weekend is almost half over and I am still not certain what it will bring. I had hoped to plant some flowers I picked up, but we had storms roll through last night that left everything so wet it’s not conducive to planting.’s cold again. I hope, though, to hook a bit, and wade through some paperwork... Enjoy your weekend! ~Robin~

  6. Yes the rug was a find for sure! No flowers here yet. Too much rain. I liked how you are going to wade into some paperwork. :-) Janice

  7. Hi Janice,
    Such fun dollies and I know Winnie will just love hers!!! I really love that old rug, too!! So happy you could rescue it!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  8. Yes Winnie did love hers! Thanks Julie. That rug caught my eye the moment I saw it earlier this year. Janice

  9. Janice, upper Dollie is just so cute and creative! I love all of her details that you included and she is perfect for an Americana display. I love my new Doll sitting on the mantle and enjoying her new BFF. These creations are truly artistic and you so carefully attend to the many details of the clothing and face! They are a one of a kind item and so fun to own a true original!!

  10. So glad you love your dollie. She was fun to make! Each creation I make are from the same pattern that year, but no two are exactly alike. Janice


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