Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May CupboardScape

Happy Wednesday everyone!
How are you all doing?
This Spring the weather across
the U. S. has been rainy, wild and crazy.
I hope all those affected by the recent flooding
and tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas are alright.
Is this global warming
 or just Mother Nature being fickle?  

I was always told when life hands you lemons.

Make lemonade.
Make lemonade I did!

It was fitting to create this vignette.

Wonderful blues and yellows.

Faux lemons except for the actual lemon on the glass
of real lemonade that I drank after taking the pics.

Mix it all with some warm wood pieces.

Wood Pie peels on the wall.

Getting the itch to put out my July 4th decor.
Me thinks I will bring down my bins
from the attic this weekend.

Also working on 2 more dollies.
One for Winnie which is finished,
and one for me 
to be included in my July 4th decor.
Both are hand sewn the old fashion way.
Will show Winnie's off once she receives it...
as I want her to be surprised in the final finish.

Will you be bringing out any Patriotic displays?

Lemonade Blessings To All!


  1. I do have a patriotic display out at all times, but during patriotic holidays have more.

    I used to have a very nice collection of enamelware but moving around downsized and released some things which weren't needed. Sometimes wish I had them back.

    1. How awesome! Will be getting my stash out this weekend. Looking forward to being Patriotic. Janice

  2. Hi Janice,
    I LOVE LEMONS and just had some blueberry scones with lemon curd and strawberries for breakfast this morning!! Love your sweet vignette with the lemons and the patina of the wood really warms things up!!! Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend!! I'm sure Winnie will love her new doll, too!!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Sounds yummy Julie! Thanks for liking my vignette.Hope you have a great holiday weekend my friend! Janice

  3. Janice, I sure love those wood peels. That is one thing I have never had but always wanted. Thanks for your visit and I'm with you about complaining. We have had rain all the last two weeks but saw the pics on TV about the tornadoes and flooding. How horrible that would be..Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. Thanks Judy.I do have one more. It a big one too. More rain yesterday and today. Will it ever stop?Janice

  4. Replies
    1. Yep am trying to be. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great weekend! Janice

  5. I, too, have patriotic things out year round except when it is put away for Christmas. Love your pie peels!

    1. I will be getting mine out this weekend for Summer. Have a great weekend! Janice

  6. What a bright and fun way to add yellow to your gatherings!! Lemons, to me, are such a great fruit because they add flavor and have so many uses. We grow them down here making them abundant and available year round.

    Can't wait to meet my new Dollie you crafted!! I am pulling out my americana patriotic decorations and getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend.

    1. I love adding lemon to my water,tea and of course lemonade! I will be getting out my patriotic decor too this weekend.Janice

  7. Hi Jsnice -- I really do love using lemons to decorate. I won't be doing Memorial Decorations -- I'll just be glad to decorate my parents' graves.

  8. When my dad was alive,we use to visit all of the grave sites. Something I should do, but alas do not. Janice

  9. Another beautiful ‘scape my friend....and oh how I love those gorgeous peels! The weather just stinks....I think we are mostly out of the clear as far as snow goes finally, but wet, cold and WINDY. Tuesday night we had some horrible storms....Lost power for about 12 hours....and trees...BIG trees...downed... Thankfully, none of ours, but many so close. It is sad. Happy Memorial Day weekend! ~Robin~

  10. Oh no. It has been crazy weather lately. As i said in my newest post, I drove in thunder fog the other morning. Just crazy. Let's pray it will become calm with lazy days of Summer. Janice


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