Sunday, May 19, 2019

My Love Of Baskets

Bob and I are back from our bi-yearly buying trip.
On our way down we stopped at the Toledo Zoo.
we were able to see a baby gorilla who was so cute.
He was very active and doing what kids do.
His mom was nearby making sure us humans 
would not come through the glass.
Then we saw a baby polar bear who was sleeping
next to his mom.

Southern Ohio the rivers were running fast
and high, with flooding in some places.

Tornado warnings were issued in Indiana
where we stopped in Ohio on Thursday night.
Thunderstorms could be heard all night.
In the morning we woke up 
to 4 inches of rain that fell overnight.

The venue we go to, lots of vendors
were under water...their goods which were
set up were ruined. 
It was a big old mess.
However, we still continued to shop...
and shop we did.
By Saturday afternoon our van was full...
we were tired and decided to head back home.

We were able to buy things 
for both Back Porch and The Urban Garage,
but no prims.
The only prim item that was within my budget,
was an old book,
which I will keep for Christmas as it 
is a Psalms & Hymn book.

I paid only $1.00 because both covers were gone.
Still good for my small book collection.

This book dates at 1846.
Still a beauty in my eyes.

If you have been noticing the pics
in this post...

I have quite an extensive collection of baskets.

These are only a few.

I have many more.

You might say I am a hoarder of them.

They are everywhere.

Including our bathroom.

Well friends I have much needed laundry to do.
Will visit you all later on 
and answer my comments later too.

We may have some storms move in later today.
Going through the marsh yesterday
South of were already flooded,
while others the water was inching closer.
I have never seen the water levels this high.
They expect the levels will not recede until
September or October, so they have put
residents on notice to be able to evacuate 
at a moments notice.
So sad.
We are safe right now.

TA TA for now.
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Love of Basket Blessings To All!


  1. I love baskets too but had to down size them a bit just to many and not enough space. I kept what I would really use and that is about it. So sorry the water is so high and things got ruined at your shopping venue.

  2. Would love to see some of your baskets Cathy. I use mine as well. Filled with wool, fabric, etc. More rain today and even a tornado North of us. Janice

  3. I love baskets too and enjoyed seeing some of your's. So sorry to hear about all the flooding. Praying for all affected.
    ~Carolyn at

    1. Thank you. I so feel for the folks in Oklahoma and Texas now with the flooding and tornadoes.Much worse than up here. Janice

  4. I also like baskets but you display yours much better than me. LOVE your hooked cat rug.

    1. Thank you Saundra! The kitty was my adaptation of our Peepers kitty whom we lost a few years ago. I drew the pattern myself. Janice

  5. Glad your shopping trip was still successful with all the flooding, what a shame for the vendors that had many of their items ruined. I wish the rain would stop so things could dry up, we had lots yesterday. Love your basket collection!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Glad to see you are back to blogging. Wish it would stop raining here too. Crazy weather everywhere across the US. Janice

  6. Janice, I am so sorry to hear about all the high waters up your way! It is also terrible that vendors had some of their wares ruined at the show due to excessive rains as well. It has been one stormy and flip-flopping weather this Spring in the northern tier states. Glad to hear that you and your shops are safe at the moment. Love all your baskets in your collection. I am a basket hoarder as well as I was a Longaberger Home Consultant for about 7 years. You just can't have too many baskets!! LOL@!

    1. Crazy weather all over the US this Spring. We even had a tornado just North of us on Sunday. Nope cannot have too many baskets. I still have a few Longaberger ones in my attic. Janice

  7. You have a beautiful collection of baskets Janice....but my favorite is and always be that sweet little feather basket. I also love your kitty rug. Did you hook that?? Yes, the flooding and rains are crazy this year. This entire month has had rain for 5 days, 1 without, then another 5 of rain. And it looks like it will be that way through the end of the month. We celebrated my mom’s 90th birthday yesterday at an island park....It rained steady all day (as well as the night before) and the river banks were inching over the island. Crazy, crazy, year. ~Robin~

    1. The kitty rug was a drawing I did of our sweet kitty Peepers who passed away a few years ago. I drew and hooked it to look like him. Hope you mom enjoyed her birthday!!! Janice

  8. I just posted on my Twitter that April Showers bring May Flowers. The flowers are looking great, so stop with the rain already. Another cold, rainy one here in the Middle of the Mitten.

    It sounds like a very productive trip, despite the weather and drown-outs. I hate seeing that happen to vendors! Nice finds!

  9. It is so wet on this side of the state that I cannot plant any annuals in my flowers beds yet. UGH Janice


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