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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Old Is New Again

Hi all!
Well my Mother's Day weekend was not the best.
My granddaughters birthday was Saturday.
Happy 12th birthday Mikayla!
The bad news was her other gramma passed 
this past Saturday too.
My daughter did not want to ruin her birthday,
so she told her kids on Sunday night.
The news was devastating to them both.

Then my washer of 25 years died.
Monday I had a flood in both the laundry room
and kitchen.

Dinner with my mom, siblings, 
BIL, SIL & Bob was good though.
Everyone enjoyed their food.

Sunday I did absolutely nothing.
My daughter was out of town and my son brought
lunch over for me.

The other day I asked Bob to move
the white cabinet and in its place
move this brown one.

He moved the white one in our bedroom
where this one was.
At least this one fits better,
and anyone can walk 
 into our back room easily now.

Remember this early rug?
I finally decided where it should go.
So love the muted colors.

I also created this little display

on top of my apothecary cabinet.

This will stay through the Summer....
and maybe longer.

Would still like to find another white cabinet.

However do like this one here now.
It may grow on me.

Did you ever purchase something
with buyers remorse...
and then grew to love it?

Old Is New Again Blessings To All!


  1. I'm sorry. I do like your display. Oh, seller's remorse, had my fair share. Oh, I also have buyer's remorse, especially when I can't find stuff in my building....tehee

  2. This is my first visit to your blog. I'm so sorry that your granddaughter's other Grandma passed away on her birthday. That had to be very hard. Will pray for all of you concerning this. I enjoyed seeing parts of your home and your lovely displays. I plan to visit you often. Blessings! ~Carolyn

  3. Sorry for the families loss. All of my appliances are 20+ years so they could go any time.

    As for my washer....when my ex divorced me I began turning off the water to my washer until I was ready to use it. Have heard or read too many stories about how the hose burst and family came home from vacation to see water damage due to flooding from the washer. Only takes a minute to turn off or on the water at the washer. Sorry you had the flood.

  4. Sounds like you had a lot to deal with over the Mother's Day weekend. Sorry for the passing of the grand-mother to your grand-daughter. I love your grand-daughters name "Mikayla". I am rewatching the series "Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman". I love that time period. I find that I am looking at the background of the show to see all the old time furnishings; and I love it when I see that I have something that they have on the show. Having your washing machine break is awful and having it leak water all over the floor makes it even worse. So sorry! I do like your brown cabinet in this location. I think brown and white go great together. I can see this being an easy turn around into Autumn accents in the fall. Thats what home is all about...moving things around until everything just seems to work.

  5. Hi Janice,
    So very sorry for your granddaughter's loss of her grandma! My FIL passed away on my Birthday one year and I truly know how that feels!!
    Love your changes and new display! Terrible about your washer! You did have it for a good long while but things just don't last like they used to!! Yes, I have had buyer's remorse, but usually end up loving it!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. Janice, I love that cupboard and how you styled it for summer. That rug is spectacular. So sorry about the passing of the kid's grandmother. That must have been horrible for them to hear. Thank you for your sweet visit. It is raining here today so seems to quiet down the pollen a bit, hope this doesn't happen every year from now on. I will enjoy the garden, nevertheless! Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. So sorry for their loss always hard.
    love your little rug

  8. Awww....that is sad for Mikayla as every birthday will bring that sad memory as well.... Sorry to hear about the “flood”...Heaven knows we have had more than our fair share of those...none washer related though.... Love, love, love that old rug....such unusual colors! It looks wonderful where you have it displayed.... And, oh yeah....I know a bit about buyer’s remorse LOL.... ~Robin~

  9. Poor Mikayla. My grandma died on my birthday, too. I believe I was in the 5th grade so about the same age.
    Love, love, love that rug!!!
    My washer is in the unfinished part of my basement so I don't have worry about flooding, but it is old and could die at any moment 😡

  10. Janice, sorry about the death in the family. And your washer and flooding. We had friends in Dearborn living in a historic Henry Ford house and collecting antiques. When they got into the "prims" their thoroughly modern young daughter didn't care for it, but we thought it was lovely.

  11. Ah yes, the buyers remorse but learning to love it. I know it well.

    I'm so sorry about the death in the family and all the other things. But I thank you so much for coming by my blog even with all those things going on.

  12. Yes, I have purchased things......and then grown to love them later. So very sorry for the death in the family and for your washer to go out. Love how you decorated!

  13. Love how you decorated your pretty! Oh yes, I have purchased things and started to like them a long time afterwards!


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