Monday, March 19, 2018

The Candy Jar

Well it's Monday.
I know it gets a bad rap.
However today is a vacation day for me.
Plus I was able to slept in.
That's a double YAY.

So today I am unveiling our new venture.
We are calling our new candy store.
The Candy Jar.

Bob worked very hard getting it this far.
Laying down the 140 old wood floor
from another store in town 
that no longer wanted.
Drywall, paint and building the new counter.

I worked most of the day Saturday
hand sewing the awning.
This view is the new window 
Bob created inside the store
looking at from our other counter.

Bob and I decided on a striped pattern
for our new awning.
He also made the flower box below the window.
Added blue ball jars.
More jars on each shelf.
Inside each jar will have old fashioned sticks.
Those jars inside the flower box 
will have large whirly suckers.
(to look like flowers)
Bob is also putting a wood back on behind the window,
so that the jars will show off more.
We originally wanted to put a real window in there,
however we have a vendor on the other side...
so we decided it should be closed off.

Bob also made this little porch area.
With antique columns and a tin roof.
A prim table and bench on top completes this niche.
This area will hold my sister's homemade chocolates.
She has been making candy for 30 years;
and it is awesome!
The antique bakers rack will hold other candies.
I so love the gooseneck lights Bob bought for this area.

Our counter.
Old wood clear coated on top.
The slat board will hold our bags.
Notice the industrial lights above.
We wanted an old timey feel for this area,
with a modern twist.

Shelves below to hold more candy.

New lights above.
The counter will hold 16 one gallon candy jars.
We ordered those yesterday.
More candy will be on the back shelves.

Antique jars we purchased last year,
will also have candy inside.
All of the black and white pics 
are candy and ice cream related.

We also have a popcorn machine.
Bagged popcorn will be available too.

Today I have the day off  but my job will be 
to price out which candies we want right now.
We will go over how much to order later today.
We believe the candy will be a big hit
 with kids of all ages...
including the big kids (adults)

I know I have asked before,
but if you would like to share your favorite candy,
it would be greatly appreciated!

The Candy Jar Blessings To All!


  1. Oh my gosh, Janice, your new Candy store is fantastic!! I love what Bob has built and your awning is welcoming and perfect for helping to further define the space. You two did a great job! I bet this place is going to be quite popular and a frequent stop for many. Yum, homemade candy by your sister too!! One candy I always love is seasonal candy corn by Jelly Belly. They look pretty in a jar and always taste good. I also love to purchase only candy made in the USA. Many of our candy makers have been in business since the turn of the 20th Century. I love supporting that heritage even if the candy costs a bit more.

    1. Thank you so very much Winnie! We hope it will be a hit. Getting a few complaints from others in town that we are bad business folks for opening another candy store in town...we just shrug it off and say to ourselves that we will be different than the other one. We have different clientele than the current candy store has. Such is life. Janice

  2. Wow looking good!! Wish I lived nearby so I could stop and get a candy fix Here's to wishing you much success

    linda m

  3. It looks like a labor of love! Good luck with your new venture.

  4. WOW!! How exciting. I like hard cinnamon candy, root beer barrels, butterscotch hard candy and taffy. I also like chocolates. :-)
    Best Wishes!!

    1. Thank you for your suggestions Carla. We put all of those on the list. Janice

  5. Hi Janice,
    WOW!! You and Bob did a FANTASTIC JOB!! The awning is so pretty and eye catching too!!! Much success for this "SWEET"venture!!! One of my all time favorite candies is Caramel Creams! Also lemon drops, orange slices, and anything chocolate!!!
    All the best to you both!!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Thank you Julie! We are so looking forward to our grand opening. Janice

  6. Absolutely WONDERFUL Janice! Wishing you great success!
    After all these years I'm still hooked on Boston baked beans and Bit -o- Honey.


  7. Love what you have done with the shop! It is so cute! Wishing you lots of success!

  8. Everything looks spectacular, Janice. You two have done an outstanding job. I love old fashioned clove candy sticks. I have always been a fan of orange slice candy too. All the best to you.

  9. Got those on the list too! Thanks!! Janice


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