Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Kitchen Table

Snow Snow and Snow.
Here in Michigan 
they say we normally get 6.2 inches of snow in March.
Well March 1st we had 4.
Today we had 1 inch and suppose 
to get another inch each day until Friday.
Now I hear that the East Coast is getting hit with
yet another Nor'Easter.
OK Mother Nature....
Like many of you, I am so ready for Spring.

However it looks like not much Spring decorating
to be done around here this year.
Our roof was leaking last week.
I noticed water on some of my bins up in the attic.
Bob went up and said we needed a new roof yesterday.
The new roof was put on yesterday.
So now the attic must be cleaned out.
Sprayed for possible mold and re-insulated.
This means all of my bins and stuff 
needs to come down from the attic.
I dread this...I have accumulated so much stuff.
Bob wants to make 3 piles.
Garbage, Keepers and White Elephant.
My mom's church has a yearly sale that they call 
the White Elephant...so much will go there.
Wish us luck in this. We will need it.
I am an attic hoarder...and I am not kidding.

Now for my post. 

We have had this settle bench a few years now.
It is our kitchen table.
I decided to change my corner of the living room and
show off this wonderful settle bench.
For those who do not know what a settle bench is,
they were placed in front of fireplaces 
to keep the person sitting in it a bit warmer,
and to keep the Winter drafts at bay.
{pre furnace days}

For my corner design,
 I decided to add an early rug to the back.

My black dollie in her new scarf.

Accompanied by her friend.
Making memories together.

A bit of history.
Settle benches would have either blankets or pillows
so that it would soften the seat for those sitting on them.
In my case I added a blue tick pillow 
so that my dollie friends would be comfy. 

I then added my blue basket on top of another splint one.
I tucked in a crutch right in the corner.

To the right my make do lighting, 
ovoid blue slip jug and a feather basket.
I ordered some beeswax candles to replace my red ones...
but they did not arrive yet.

The morning light in here is the best. 

This completes my new corner look.

For anyone who is wondering what we are doing 
for a kitchen table now...
I traded out my brown table for our kitchen one now.
It is the same length.

Settle Bench Blessings To All!


  1. good luck cleaning out the attic but you will be so glad when it's done and your mother's church will be very happy

    1. Thank you Cathy. Plans were changed for a few weeks now. Janice

  2. You certainly have a great selection of period pieces to furnish your home with. I always find it interesting to look and see what you share with us. I am sorry to hear about your roof leaking. What a chore that will be to have to take everything down. I hope there will be no damage to your stored items. Sounds like Spring Cleaning will be an extra long chore for you this year. Good luck to you.

    1. Thank you Sandra! Lovin the new roof even though I was not really expecting to do it at this time...and yes Spring cleaning will be long this year once we start to tackle the attic. Jancie

  3. Oh, I do love your settle bench table with the ticking pillow and dollies!!

    Hang in there Janice for I am sure Mother Nature is going to come through as soon as Old Man Winter can be shoved back North!! I am sure there are millions of people like you sick and tired of this nasty persistent weather!!! Even we are getting back into the 30s at night again with chilly windy days down here. What a change from the low 80s last week!!

    Oh how I would LOVE to help you clear out your attic and get first dibs on buying some stuff. I got a feeling I could take a bunch of stuff off of your hands!! LOL!! Lucky folks who do get to attend the White elephant sales or pick up things in your shop! Betcha there are some fantastic prims to be had. One suggestion I have is that if you find any of your dollies or other small seasonal prims that are in the depart pile, can you post them here and we get to see if we want to purchase any of them? I for one love your handmades!

    1. Hoping snow, but it snowed every day this week. UGH. The things that will be leaving the attic forever are the items I was keeping for my kids...more cutesy decor, but since no one wants any of it either, I am sure someone will enjoy them at my mom's sale. Janice

  4. Janice, what a lovely primitive Colonial tableau! That settle bench is a gem...wish I had one...but if I did, I would have no place to put it in my little home!

  5. Cleaning the attic. Good luck to you. What a nightmare that would be for me. I got the new roof last year. The joys of home ownership 😥
    LOVE your settle bench. I always wanted one bit even if I found one I could afford, I would have no room for it...sigh.

    1. Thanks...I really need it...and yes the joys of owning a home, especially the unexpected things that go wrong. LOL Janice

  6. Love your settle bench and thanks for sharing info on them . You have a talent for display. Hope you're 3 piles go quickly and the white elephant gets lucky will be so glad for spring
    linda m

    1. Thank you Linda! My mom will be thrilled to get what I get rid off. Janice

  7. Love,love the settle bench and corner decorations. One day i would like to find 1. Good luck on the attic cleanup, when we replaced our roof we had dirt and particles from a complete tear out. No fun

    1. Thanks Sandy! We were fortunate to find this one. Jancie

  8. oh what a lovely settle! You're created such a nice comfy corner there. Stay warm! spring is coming :)

    1. Thank you Heather! First time I used it for what it was intended. Janice

  9. Hi Janice,
    I'm a bit late commenting, but really love your Settle bench and your new display! Changing things up always gives a fresh, new look, doesn't it? So sorry for your leaky roof, but happy it was fixed so quickly! I'm sure you wish all the sorting and clean up would go as fast!!
    Take care and stay warm, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~


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