Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pre Easter Hopping

4 Days until Easter.
I am hosting my family and Bob's dad.
There will be ham for dinner of course.

With so many varieties of vegetables;
that even the Easter Bunny himself may
stop in for dinner.

I had to move our settle bench
aka table back into our kitchen.
So I replaced it with this display.

I used the same paper bunnies and carrots swag.
The rest of the fireplace display is new.
My newest piece de resistance
 is this awesome tobacco basket. 

Some of the bunnies made it out of the attic.

More bunnies.

This bunny was going to be a new design
 for the Holly show we just went to.
I created the model...but the others are now 
WIP's (work in progress) for next year.
Along with pillows and more bunnies
 that never got finished.

Now that you have seen my Easter displays,
what displays have you created for your home.

Also what will your plans be for Easter?
Will the Easter Bunny be making an appearance?

Spring is officially here in our neck of the woods.
I saw the first Heron in the marsh near us.
When the Herons come back we know Spring is here.
Another WOO HOO!

Do you have an animal or flower that you see,
where you know Spring has Sprung 
in your neck of the woods?

Pre Easter Hopping Blessings To All!


  1. We still have snow and we have not seen a robin. we are hosting husband's family all 31 of us with a egg hunt for the littles.

    1. So hoping your snow melts away. Hope you have a great Easter! Janice

  2. We still have snow, but dozens of Robins. My mother-in-law is hosting Easter, no grands yet-so no egg hunt or Easter bunny. My husband and I ended up with that nasty flu - we thought we "made" it with out catching it...we've been down for a, no decorating here. I am looking forward to seeing family!

    1. Hope your snow melts too! The birds were singing away today. A nice sound! Hope you feel better and have a great Easter! Janice

  3. Beautiful decorations!! Have a nice party on Easter..

    1. Thank you Krishna! Hope your Easter is good too! Janice

  4. You always have the most delightful displays. I wish you all a very blessed Easter. Just the two of us and it is John's birthday on Apr. 2. I'm sure we'll enjoy a nice lunch out either Sun. or Mon.

    1. Thank you Mildred. I love to decorate..I get it from my mom. Pre Happy Birthday to John and Happy Easter to you both! Janice

  5. Your Bunnies are always the best!! My bunny I purchased from you last year is nestled in a basket of prim cloth carrots and eggs by the faux fireplace in my now completed log cabin office room!!!

    Enjoy your family gathering on Easter Sunday, I know it will be a delicious dinner with all the fixings. I hope the Easter Bunny does stop by. He will be starving after delivering baskets all night long!! LOL!! We will be arriving in Venice, Italy early afternoon on Sunday and I hope to be able to see some of how the Italians celebrate this special Holy Day.

    1. Thank you Winnie for the cute bunny card. I placed it inside one of my bowls as a new decoration. Hope Italy is fun! Janice

  6. Hi Janice! As always, your Easter decor is adorable. I am smitten with your tobacco basket as well - gorgeous. For us, Robins are the first harbingers of spring and they are here, but they haven't brought spring weather with them, lol. Have a wonderful Easter! Jane

    1. Thank you Jane! The tobacco basket was a score. You dont see them in this size that often. Hope you have a wonderful Easter too! Janice

  7. Nice displays! I didn't even get my Easter things out,time just got away from me! Sure could use some more sunshine, we've had several dreary days.

    1. Thanks! Hope that sunshine comes around for you. We had a break from the rain today, but it is suppose to rain again tomorrow. Happy Easter! Janice

  8. Sweet d├ęcor. Love the tobacco basket.
    I didn't get around to Easter decorating...sigh.
    Lucky me. I don't have to cook tomorrow.
    Happy Easter!

  9. Thank you Lauren! I will do my desserts tomorrow and leave the rest for Sunday. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter! Janice


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