Monday, March 12, 2018

Going Green

Yep you heard me right.
I am going green with my prims.

If Spring won't come to me...
I will bring it to myself.

With my own green plants.

Although you usually do not see 
green as being a primitive color,
it goes rather well if in the right settings. 

Green artichokes for one.

More green artichokes.

Green leaves and flowers on a cabinet.

Green leaved garland.

Green striped fabric for a ditty bag.
Ditty bags were used by sailors and held
their sewing items and toiletries. 
My bunny one has felt violets 
which I made to fit inside.

Lamb's ear in a pitcher with lavender.

Green pear mixed in with others.

I know pears are a Summer fruit, 
but I just they looked so good here.

Even my stitchery has some green in it.
I love the gray green house and the green shamrocks
lining the border.

I am almost finished with this sampler.
It is a design by 
Notforgotten Farm
"Sepia Sampler"

I changed the colors just a bit.
I wanted my shamrocks to be more of a soft green.
I also used the same color 
for all of the letters and numbers.
The pattern called for alphabet to be a different color.

I am not liking this time change.
Wish they would stop doing this.
Not good for this old body. LOL

Hope everyone has a good Monday.
More snow today.

Going Green Blessings To All!


  1. Sweet sampler :)
    Though it takes a little adjustment, I love the time change and the extra hour of daylight each evening!
    Hope your week is off to a great start.

    1. In my opinion they can leave it as is and never change it. This morning there was an accident around the lake, so I had to turn around and take the other way. Only two ways to get into our area around the lake. UGH Janice

  2. love your green we are in for another big storm so I am ready for green. I am with you hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning.

    1. I hope the storm misses you. I think you have been getting way more snow than we have lately. Janice

  3. Green is certainly a great pick for a color scheme right now. Here in Florida, all of the trees are getting their new leaves and I love the palette of soft greens bursting out everywhere. Spring greens are some of my favorite colors all year long.

    Your bunny tote with the violets caught my eye. Oh my, it is adorable! You come up with the cutest projects and they make great accessories for making your home feel loved and welcoming!

    Let's here it for greens because Spring is either bursting out (South) or gathering steam for the great annual reveal in the weeks to come!

    1. So wishing for Spring to get here. Thank you for liking my ditty bag. I have been bad with respect to my goodies...not much made for even the show. :-( Janice

  4. Morning Janice...I like this time change and wish it would stay, I like the daylight being later.
    I like your greens!
    We had melted snow until this morning....again
    See you soon!!!!

    1. Thanks Earlene! Yep see you soon. Looking forward to dinner and catching up. Janice

  5. I enjoyed seeing the touches of green in your home decor. Also love the Sepia Sampler; what a nice needlework to hang in your home when finished.

    1. Thank you Sandra. This sampler was one of my WIP's that I promised myself would be finished this year. Janice

  6. The cross stitch sampler is beautiful! Oh, how I miss stitching! I like your touches of green. You have reminded me that I need to plant Lamb's Ear this spring! Hope you have a nice day. xo

    1. I love fuzzy lambs ear! At my other home it practically grew wild. Thanks for your lovely comment with respect to my sampler. I am enjoying stitching it! Janice

  7. It's all about green, my favorite color. Your decor is very nice. That cross stitch sampler is awesome. Did you all get the snow? We got a tiny bit of flurries early this morning, but it's all melted now.

  8. YAY for GREEN! Thank you Danice for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. It snowed here again today. Still snowing right now. I am tired of snow. Janice

  9. Hi Janice,
    The green touches really add a look of spring and I know that is so important right now where you live!! Love your sampler, too!
    Believe it or not, we DON't have a time change here and I really do love that idea!!!
    Hope it warms up for you SOON!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~


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