Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kitty Tales

Good evening sweet friends.
It's been a long few days for me getting back 
into the swing of things at work.
Now I have this throbbing tooth...
which I made an emergency appt in the morning.

For those of you that have kitties,
you will relate to my stories.

If you have two or more, 
they would snuggle together.
{right Ashes}

Then in an instant they are fighting.
{right Cinder}

They look innocent only to find that they chewed
on your plastic ziplock bags or embroidery floss.
{right Ace}

They will meow and beg for food just like a dog.
{right Shadow}

They will sleep most of the day and race
around the house at night.

A sign that they are comfortable in their surroundings
is when they lay on their back and show off their belly.
{right Ace}

Another sign is when they lay on the floor and make 
you go around them.
{right Shadow}

Sometimes they stare at you like you are the crazy one.
{right Peepers}

Then there were times that they climbed in bed
like they owned it and would give you the sad eyes.
Like c'mon mom we can share the bed.
{like my Tanner use to do}
Still miss you Tanner Fat boy.
I know you are trying to weasel your way
 into someone's bed up in heaven.

I finished up my Cinder kitties,
and they will be off to the show along with Ashes.

For those who are cat guardians know what what
I am talking about.
For those who do not have cats, 
they do have different personalities.

Do have any kitty tales you would like to share?

Off to lay down and try not to think about my tooth.

Kitty Tale Blessings To All!


  1. So sorry about your tooth, Janice. I do love your kitties. We have 6 rescues. Each personality is so different. One of the funniest moments over the years is when I woke to find Kaboodle sleeping on top of my head. Turns out the power had gone out overnight and she was stealing the warmth from my head! lol

  2. Oh no, Janice! Not a bad tooth to deal with. Hopefully your dentist visit will be able to resolve the matter soon.

    Yes, those kitties of yours remind me of all of my kitties through the years. Each one is different but I have loved them all. My current kitty, Mr.Bump, was a rescue from my daughter who then got married and left kitty with Mom and Dad. Well, he has been spoiled to death but he provides us with much joy and camaraderie now that we are empty nesters. He must be able to smell kitty on your handmades that I have purchased because he wants to play with them like a catnip mouse! He can be quite sneaky about pulling them out of a basket when I am not looking too!

  3. Stopping by to say that I hope you are feeling better. xo


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