Thursday, July 13, 2017

River Life

Good evening sweet friends!
WOOHOO for Friday.
I know I am getting ahead of myself,
but so glad it will be here.
So my dentist appointment yesterday
was not good news.
I have to have a root canal done next Thursday.
Hopefully all will go well,
because the tooth that needs fixin' is already capped.
Thank you to those who were concerned about me.
I am doing as well as can be.
I am on meds, but my tooth still throbs.

Tonight I would like to show you pictures of our vacation.
Our stay-cation that is.

You see where we live,
folks actually do come here for vacation.

We spent the afternoon and early evening right on our dock.
Taking in all of God's glory.
{little white circle in the sky is the moon coming up}

Bob doing what he loves best on our river.

The sky was so beautiful that evening.

With the moonshine glistening on the water.

The next morning we decided to go do it again.
Coast Guard cutter sailed by.

Then this lake freighter.

Right in front of the dock.

See you next time.

Bob's catch of the day.
A big ole bass...he released it back.

I so love our big blue river.
The color is different every day.
My drive to work and back along our St Clair River
consists of almost the entire length.

Every day I see different birds or animals, or both.

Tuesday many murders of crows.
Reminded me that Autumn is just around the corner.

Wednesday two families of swans.
One family where the babies all just got their white feathers.
The other family where one baby was gray and the other
one was just turning white.

Today another family of swans in a different part of the river.
Also a bevy of doves, a gaggle of Canadian Geese 
and one Seagull.

Our stay-cation plans changed when
 the grands did not come.
Even though we were disappointed, we made the best of it.

Do you have a sweet stay-cation spot where you live?
Where do you like to vacation?

River Life Blessings To All!


  1. Glad to hear that a plan is in place to fix that painful tooth and I hope that the meds they gave you will keep you as comfortable as possible until next week.

    Your river is beautiful and how lucky you are to live on such a fantastic resource! There is something peaceful and fulfilling to be on a river where wildlife is around every corner and time seems to stop!

    We have beautiful clear fresh water springs here in north Florida that are perfect to cool off in on a hot summer day. One favorite past time is to float down the rivers to the springs in big inner tubes or rafts or canoe and jump out for a swim in certain areas.

  2. beautiful pictures of your vacation...hope the root canal will go peacefully..

  3. Morning Janice! It is very lovely where you live!
    Having a root canal under the crown is pretty common. I had 3 and it felt so much better when it was done.
    We have a Hocking Hills in Ohio trip/vacation soon otherwise it is always a staycation here. I hate to leave the cats. Loved your description of your drive to work.
    Have a great weekend Bob and Janice!

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