Sunday, July 9, 2017

Quaint Antique Shoppe

Good evening sweet friends.
Hope you all had a wonderful fun-filled weekend.
Last night we ended my vacation with a 
surprise visit by my son.
Bob started a bonfire and we made smores
and drank a few beers. 

As promised tonight's post will feature
our friend Greg's quaint antique shoppe.

Greg always happily greets you as you come in.

His counter area looks just like a general store.

This is his wall directly across from the counter.

Walking down the hall you come into a little room
filled with pottery and glass.

After you walk out of the room and continue 
your journey into the prim room.
These cubbies hold all kind of treasures.

More prims.

Then he has this little cubby room,
filled with jars full of stuff for sale.

You then step out of the prim room 
into this lil alcove of books and glass in the window.
So pretty in person.

Walking through the alcove, you step into a library.
The entire room from walls to ceiling is covered in old doors.

Greg built all of his settings himself.

I so love this room and it is so inviting.

walking up the stairs from the library room,
and to the left is this.
{Glass blocks filled with lights lead the way}

The vintage kitchen.

Ever changing.

So much fun!

Although not a big store,
 you will have a good time if you visit. 
Greg is very personable and treats everyone special.
He celebrated his 14 year anniversary...
and we hope he has many many more!

So if you ever stop in the small town of 
Sandusky, Michigan
please pay a visit to Greg's shoppe
Sandusky Antiques.
Greg is a dear friend and fellow antique buff.

As a bit of history.
Back in 1885 Wildman Mills, a lumberman in the town,
named the village of Sandusky after his hometown
of Sandusky, Ohio; which his father had named.
Sandusky Michigan is in the center of Sanilac County.
My mom lives in this county directly 15 minutes 
East of Sandusky.

I hope you enjoyed the picture tour.
Time for a bit of television and then back to work
in the morning. Vacation over. :-(

Quaint Antique Blessings To All!


  1. sweet shop! I miss antique shops so much!!! I'm in an electric wheel chair and it is hard to get around in small stores

  2. Oh, I love this wonderful shop of your friends!! It is creatively laid out and made to be inviting with lots of spaces full of treasures. It is the kind of place I could get lost in for a good hour! I am glad to hear that they are celebrating 14 years and still going strong. Thanks for sharing this sweet tour. Have a good first week back to work. It can feel a bit overwhelming after a nice long vacation!

  3. I bet my husband is familiar with this town since he is from MI. I would dearly love to ramble thru this store.


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