Monday, July 3, 2017

July CupboardScape

Ev'ry heart beats true
'Neath the RED WHITE and BLUE
{George Cohen}

Good morning to all!
This morning is a fine day so far.
Went to the grocery store early,
to beat the crowds.
Bought all of the grands favorite foods.
For breakfast one morning am going to surprise them
with funfetti pancakes to go along with their sausage.
Will be making a red white and blue jello poke cake
for dessert.
Also bought the fixins for some Smore's
Every kid I think loves this treat...especially at a bonfire,
which we will do.

This was my newest find last Saturday when Bob and I
went antiquing before getting to my mom's.
Tammy's shop is in Fort Gratiot. 
She is my prim go to gal who loves stoneware.
I could not pass up this red and cream quilt.

Hand stitched with a bit of wear around the edges.
Just loved it....and for $20 could not pass it up.
Not sure if this is a bear claw pattern or not.
If anyone knows, please share with us.

July always began my Summertime at the farms.
Both gramma B and Gramma H
would put their Winter quilts away and bring out
the lighter Summer ones...just like this beauty!

Summer was when us cousins would take turns
turning the ice cream maker for some 
real good ice cream at Gramma H's.

Summer was when Gramma B would take my sister & I
to the Five and Dime and we picked out our favorite candy.
Candy Cigarettes that blew out powder smoke,
Candy Necklaces, Gum and Sugary Ice Cream Cones...
just to name a few.

Summer was when my mom would plant the geraniums
all around the yard.

My dad would raise his flag up the flagpole in the morning,
and take it down at dusk.

What were some of your favorite Summertime memories?

Did you have any traditions that you had when you knew
Summertime was here.
Gramma B would make Sun Tea,
while Gramma H made us homemade lemonade.
Chocolate chip cookie bars were our favorite treat at
Gramma B's
While Gramma H made the best fried eggs which were 
cooked in the bacon grease after the bacon was cooked.

Although I do not get to see my grands as much.
The one Summertime tradition we have is doing lunch
on Harsen's Island.
This years trip will be in a few days.
They also love my devilled eggs.

Happy July 4th my friends!
Enjoy the day and make some Summertime
memories of your own!!!

Summertime Blessings To All!


  1. What a GREAT post! I love the quilt you bought for $20. Love all your pretty patriotic vignettes and your sweet memories. Hope you all have a wonderful time!!!

  2. Beautiful, Janice! I 've been looking for a red and white quilt since last november and just can never seem to find one! Your's is beautiful! Have a happy 4th with your family!

  3. Hi Janice!! I do love that red and white quilt find!! And what terrific bargain too!!!!!

    Summertime was the time we. I sited my Grandpaeents in Indiana on their farm. It had an outhouse, wood cook stove, chickens, a big garden, and red cherry trees. I loved when Grandma would make her cherry pies in that cook stove after we kids climbed up and picked them from the trees.

    Your plans with the Grands sounds fun and I know they are going to enjoy every delicious minute too!!

    Today we visited a US Cemetery from World War I that is located here in Paris. It is a beautiful, quiet,, and sacred space that reminded me that freedom comes at a hard fought and tragic fight. It makes July 4 all that more precious.
    Happy July 4th!

  4. Great buy on the quilt. Lucky you!
    Happy 4th. Enjoy the grands.

  5. lovely quilt! It's not a bear claw, but I'm not sure what pattern it is. Happy Fourth!

  6. Your new quilt is a great find and goes so well with the patriotic theme.

    We lived next door to my Granny (great-grandma) and I loved going to her house for root beer floats, always in her brown glass mugs, or a wedge of watermelon that we ate with a spoon. She saved coins and usually always gave them to us in sandwich bags, then I would run up to the little country store and buy candy. A couple times she took us on the Amtrak to Sea World, we lived only an hour or so away but the train ride was the treat! (She was amazing and I miss her!)

  7. What a wonderful quilt and a fantastic price. Glad you found it and brought it home with you. Fits in perfectly with your prim decor. Sounds like you planned a fun 4th of July with family and I enjoyed reading about your holidays past.


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