Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Crow Amongst The Oak

Howdy sweet friends!
Happy Hump Day to you all!
Yesterday was our anniversary and Bob
grilled porterhouse steaks, baked potato 
and even made brussel sprouts. 
He decided to surprise me, and it was a very nice
surprise indeed! 
Thanks again sweetie!

To continue my acorn theme this year,
it was only fitting to create this pillow.
Grabbed some wool and fabric and came up with this.

Seeing all of the crows lately on my drive to and from work,
I had to add this fellow into my creation as well.

Brown and orange oak leaves.

Plus the acorns.

Which turned into a lovely Autumn pillow.

Stuffed with pieces of fabric remnants from other projects.

The pillow measures 12 inches square,
while our gray pillow is 20 inches square.
{to give you an idea on how big it is}

The background fabric is a tan and off white one.
The leaves, acorns, crow and stems are all from wool.
The veins in the leaves, acorn stems and crow's feet
were sewn with embroidery floss,
using straight and chain stitches. 

While the back of the pillow is a muted orange and tan fabric.
Upper left is the sewn patch where I filled the pillow.

I so love how this one turned out.
I usually fill my pillows with fabric instead of fiberfill.
I like the lumpy feel to these pillows... 
just like our foremothers would make.

If interested, please email me at
This is a OOAK so only one available.
Price is $40.00 with free shipping.
US residents only.
Pillow has been SOLD.
Thank you Ruth!

Wait til you see my jack-o-lantern I am working on.
May be hard to part with him.....
Am also thinking I might make one more of these pillows
for myself...only a bit bigger. 
Will have to see if I have time.
Show is coming up soon, and already even our
store customers are asking 
when I am bringing in my goodies.
Never enough time.

Are you thinking about Fall yet?

A Crow Amongst The Oak Blessings To All!


  1. Happy Anniversary. that sounds just perfect to me hubby cooking and good food. Love your pillow

  2. Hi Janice, thank you for your dropping by. My Dad is doing a lot better than he had been so that is good news. I absolutely love your Autumn pillow, very nice job. I look forward to seeing your next pillow. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a splendid dinner Bob prepared for the celebration too!! Your new acorn and crow pillow is beautiful. Wow, what warm and cozy fall colors you used and it all worked together perfectly!

    You KNOW I have been dreaming of Fall!! LOL!! Looking forward to your cute pumpkin. I just bet it is going to be "Fall-tastic"!!

  4. Bob is sweet, happy anniversary!
    LOVE your crow pillow, I hope you make one for yourself, it's wonderful.
    Yep, I am thinking about fall already! I can't wait.

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