Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Garden Glory

To say that I am tired tonight is an understatement.
I am spent, pooped out and drained.
Between work, therapy and this tooth it has become
quite exasperating.

Besides our gorgeous river,
my front garden makes me happy though,
so let me get to my happy place.

Autumn Joy Sedum is telling me that
Autumn is just around the corner.

The butterflies are loving their bush.

Hummingbirds and dragonflies love the honeysuckle.
{Above the petunias on the trellis}

Orioles, Jays, Sparrows and Goldfinch to name a few
are enjoying their bath.

I have also spotted the hummers at this butterfly bush too.

Creeping Thyme is just starting 
to show off it's purple flowers.

Hydrangeas are popping out as well.

As Autumn approaches our Dogwood will once again
lose it's leaves and show off it red twigs.

For now the Geraniums are bursting in red.

While our garden bunnies watch over the real bunnies
as they come in at dusk.
{looks like my birdbath is off kilter a wee bit}

How does your garden grow?
Is it in it's splendor?

Have a triumphant evening my friends.
It's off to the couch for me.

Garden Glory Blessings To All!


  1. You have a lovely garden area at your home and I am glad you can go there when you just need to sit and enjoy beautiful flowers. I hope you will feel better after they work on your tooth on Thursday. Pain can be a huge drain on your energy! Take care and I hope you can get some rest.

    Yes, our flowers here in Florida are still hanging in there as long as they are heat tolerant. We have a lot of Pentas right now that are doing well and bringing in some Hummingbirds.

  2. My gardens are starting to come into the later color. I have been busy moving things and weeding

  3. Hi Janice,
    Your flower gardens are lovely. Ours were slow to take off as June was quite cool and lots of rain. It's in the 80's this week so they are growing nicely now. Too bad our summer is half over up here in the u.p. tho. Lori

  4. Everything looks wonderful.
    I refuse to believe summer is half over!!!

  5. Your happy place is beautiful thanks for your wonderful postings and hope you get recharged

  6. You really have your plate full with the health issues but your spirit keeps you happy and thankful for your lovely surrounds. Your garden is beautiful Janice. One of these days I wish we could get together for a tour of your home. Take care

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