Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hag Witch

The moon has awoken,
with the sleep of the sun.
The light has been broken,
the spell has begun.

{Author Unknown}
Hello my friends!
Hope everyone is enjoying the rest of the weekend.
Am doing my regular chores this morning,
and will spend my afternoon stitching.
I have been perusing my small wool stash,
and decided to work a bit with my wool.
Sneak peek at the end of this post.

Today's post with feature my latest witch.
Simply called 

She is ready for the full moon.

With her primitive broom stick.

Her black check dress is perfect
for night outings.

She loves hiding out amongst the gourds.

Tending to her garden during the day.

But as the evening grows dark,
she looks to the sky for an evening flight.

So if you see her up in the air.
Just remember its her time of night!

Now as promised...this is my stitching for today.

No hoop, just some free hand Autumn goodness,
that will be stitched to this tan flowered fabric I found.
An Autumn pillow which will be sold at my show.

Oh yeah...I also wanted to show you the tile for
our bathroom.

The star pattern will be our floor.
The stone will be the floor in the shower.
Subway tile all over with a black stripe in the middle.

I had every intention of going classic black and white,
however when I saw spoke to me.

The color is more like a gray green,
and has this old world charm.
Perfect for the prim antiques I want to include in this room.

Cousin Jimmy our contractor is coming over tonight
for dinner and then will look over our dimensions...
tile to be ordered this week sometime.
Looking forward to having this completed soon.

Well my friends off to stitch.
Hope you find yourself doing something fun today!
Let me know what's in store for your day.

Hag Blessings To All!


  1. Oh what a cute witch! I also love your tile choice. Best wishes with the remodel.

  2. Tiles are beautiful. Hag is too.

  3. Hag is just totes adorb!! What a fun witch for upcoming Fall and Halloween too. The new tile is going to make a real statement in your bathroom and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. I do love the star idea a lot. Please be sure to post some photos when it is all completed.

    Have a great evening!

  4. The Wizened Hag/Hag/Hag Witch is a Human boss that appears in the ... The Hag always appears taking up rank 3 and 4, while her pot takes ...


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