Friday, July 21, 2017

Boney Shell

Hello all. Are you glad its Friday?
Well yesterday's root canal did not go as planned.
In fact after two hours patiently sitting in the chair,
my dentist tells me he is referring me to a specialist.

W H A T ? ? ?

You've got to be kidding?

Were the two statements I made to myself.

Yep, he was not able to complete the procedure.
It was too infected and he thought he would
compromise my bone structure.

Today I prepared myself for the worst.
I probably was going to lose my tooth.

The surgeon today was very thorough.
He explained every part of the procedure.
Stopped every now and then to make sure I was ok.
Showed me before and after xrays.
However this time after two hours,
not only did he finish the root canal,
but he saved my tooth.
I came home and slept for a bit,
and if not for the squirrel cheek, I would be fine.
I have to take amoxicillan and ibuprofen and
rinse my mouth twice a day with this medicine,
but will live the tale.

Unlike my dear fellow the skeleton key.
He is my latest creation, and I thought most
fitting to add into my boney tooth tale (post).
You see I lost quite a bit of bone from the infection,
and now it is filled with collagen.

Well friends, off to the store with Bob for a bit
to check up on things and then going out for dinner.

Skeletal Boney Blessings To All!


  1. Oh what an ordeal. I do hope you will enjoy your dinner out and that the meds/rinse will help you to feel better. Your skeleton key is cute as can be. So glad I reconnected with you!

  2. Hi Janice,
    I have a horror story about a root canal and crown and hope to never have it happen again!! I can really empathize with you!!
    Glad you came through it and hoping the meds help with the infection, swelling, and pain!!! Sounds like you deserve a BIG MILKSHAKE....or two!!!!
    Take care and enjoy the weekend!
    Thanks for purchasing my pattern, too!! xo
    Heart Hugs~

  3. You sure did have an ordeal this past week with your tooth, but I am so glad you were referred and got to someone who could handle the complexity of everything.I hope your weekend will show signs of improvement and less pain and infection.

    That skeleton key is too cute!! Maybe he is the key to the Trick of Treat candy bowl?

  4. ARGH! At least the surgeon saved the tooth!


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