Friday, July 7, 2017

A Special Find

So happy you stopped by today!
My vacation sure went by fast....too fast it seems.
Last Saturday when Bob and I went to my mom's,
we decided to stop and visit a friend's antique shop.
Will show pics of  Greg's shoppe in another post.
While driving up, I told Bob I was on the hunt for
one more cake crock.
Little did I know I would find it that day.
Was thrilled when Greg our friend pulled this one out.

He knew I would love this..and love it I do!

The cobalt blue glaze and detail is amazing.

What makes this one even more special
is the bale handle to carry the crock to and from the fire.

Could you find yourself pouring your cake batter into this?

Still blown away that these antiques are still intact.
With our throw away society of goods now,
will there be antiques in the future?

Even though I am an antique dealer,
the thrill of the hunt is still fun for me!
It's like I am once again a kid in a candy store.
Only the candy store now is the eye candy of antiques.
My newest cake crock now sits proudly 
in our stepback with my other two cake crocks.

When shopping for antiques, do you have a particular 
item in mind when shopping, or do you like to just
shop and if something calls to you then buy?
I do both. Sometimes I score...sometimes I lose.
Saturday I sure did score...a homerun in my eyes!

Well Bob and I are off soon to a barn sale.
The thrill of the hunt continues!!!

Special Find Blessings To All!


  1. I worry too about the "antiques of tomorrow" being few. Love your new cake crock. Happy you found such a treasure. I usually shop with my husband...he has an eye for finding things that I like.

  2. I've never made cake in a crock pot. How does it turn out?

  3. Wow, I have never heard of or seen a cake crock. Yours is a beauty and what a terrific find! I love to poke around antique stores and estate sales too. There is something exciting when you find a piece that is affordable and in great condition. I totally get it! Let us know if you found any great finds at the barn sale. It sounds intriguing!!

  4. Ohhhh well done I love it! I collect country fare pottery dishes etc. (The brown with the pretty blue) but alas I am very cheap and only buy when I can find it right. I have not stumbled on pieces for some time now I really need the dishes at this point I have lots of mugs and serving pieces.
    but oh so fun to hunt.

  5. Love your cake crock!! Sometimes when I am antiquing I have something in mind and other times what strikes my eye. So glad you had an awesome vacation!!! Hugs, Lecia

  6. Hi Janice,
    Your new cake crock is just lovely and the bail handle really makes it special!! So wonderful when you can actually find something that you collect and love!! I love so many different things so am always keeping an open mind about looking! Out here the treasures are few but when I find one, I am thrilled!! Oh, the joy of the hunt AND the SCORE!!!
    Hope you have success at the Barn Sale!! Sounds DE-VINE!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. I usually bring home things that make no sense so don't do as I do. I especially like pottery but it doesn't have to be old to please me. I would never bake in that pretty thing.

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