Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Dry Sink

Well here is the picture of the new dry sink that we acquired. This one is from the 1870's. The back is all rough hewn. Just added it to our store today...I will not part with my late 1700 one that is in our house. Nope.

Oh yeah, we brought in this antique boot jack prim tool box too. Wouldn't this look great as a small side table near a chair. It has a small side cubby where you could set your favorite glass into. I actually have one similar to this that I do at home. Great way to go GREEN and recycle!

Plus I forgot about this early 1900 document desk. I wonder who used this back then? The patina on this piece is just gorgeous...I wanted to keep this one at the house...but Bob wanted me to give something else up....sometimes I just have to pass on things.

This is the desk opened. See the ink stain in the second cubby from the left...all original...and all for sale.

One more thing. I want to thank everyone for their wonderful suggestions regarding the paint selection. It was nice reading how everyone's taste in color are. I promise to post before and after pics when we start.

Take care, Janice

PS. We have almost reached our 50 mark. I cannot wait to draw names for my secret giveaway. Please tell your friends... Thank you everyone!


  1. Love the dry sink.. I wish I lived closer so I could visit your store!!

  2. Oh Janice...I'm loving that little document desk all to pieces....wish I may, wish I might - live closer and have a place for it!! Sigh. Smiles, Robin

  3. I love the dry sink. Now that is what I call an awesome piece to have!
    That is a GREAT shop, for sure!
    May Blessings,

  4. Love the dry sink!!!They are all great pieces~~ Yep, Wow!!


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