Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monday Montage

I know that I usually post the Monday Montage later in the evening,
but with Easter being today, and since I am the hostess...I decided to add this post early. 

Since today is Easter Sunday, the montage will be all about Easter vignettes.

Easter Blessing to everyone

Our Father Prayer sampler from the 1940's, and just in front of the sampler an 1800's flax winder.

A big plant of yellow daisies with green centers.

Red tulips and greens inside a brown & white crock.

The two purple bunnies are for Michael and Mikayla.
This cute pillow came from Judy at the Spice Cupboard.
Judy was nice enough to let me order this pillow through the mail.
She has a great store and you can check out her blog

Bob started hiding eggs for the grandchildren to find later.
Since they get enough chocolate from the Easter Bunny,
we hide eggs for them with money inside.
Too wet for outside today, thus an indoor egg hunt!

My prim bunny.

Another egg tucked in after I took the first picture.
These wonderful cards were an added bonus from Judy. They are so fun!

Happy Easter!!!

Take care, Janice

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful day. we were lucky enough to have our grandkids egg hunt outside today. It was warm enough too so we could all eat and enjoy outside on the porch.
    I love you pictures too. Your header pictures are very pretty also.
    Happy Easter


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