Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Snowshowers??

First my sympathy goes out to everyone whose loved ones may have been taken this past weekend to those terrible tornadoes throughout the South. Also, my thoughts and prayers go out to all of my blogging friends who may have been affected or know someone who was. I have family in Georgia, and I was glad to know that nothing happened to always think things are bad for you until you hear about a much more horrible event that happened to someone else.

With that said,  I truly believe up here in the North Mother Nature decided to take a hiatus. We had 2 more inches of snow today....HEY Mother Nature...WAKE UP...

I realized that when I posted my Monday Montage last night that I forgot about my other coffee collection. I also collect glass coffee jars.

Right now this collection consists of Beechnut, Maxwell House, Boscul, Defiance, Chase & Sanborn, and the large Redbird is a syrup, but I loved the graphics on it. Mixed in for now, I also have a few granite berry buckets and a large mug.

Now since Easter is right around the corner, I decided to show off some of my bunnies in my house.

This cute little guy popped out of the grass in between some sugary Easter eggs.

This prim bunny decided to hop onto my late 1800 cabinet. LOL

This little guy is my granddaughter's favorite one to play with all year round.
I tucked him away in this basket until her next visit this weekend.
 I also have a small collection of insulators as you can see from these last two pics.

The last picture is of my new wagon.

I filled it with some silk Spring flowers that I had stashed in the house.

Unfortunately these past two weekends, I have not been able to do any crafting. The store has been busy and Bob needed me there...which is a good thing. With Easter being this weekend, I am having dinner with my family at my house, so no crafting again. I'm getting withdrawals...been drawing many new things up, just waiting to get my fingers into some wool and fabric.   

Well, my stove is calling and mac & cheese tonight.

Take care everyone.


  1. We got 4 inches YUK! But all melted now! Yippee!

  2. We are expecting 9 inches at the tip, Janice, for Wednesday. Love all of your gatherings-remember the Maxwell House cans that used to have the old man with a turbin walking and drinking coffee? Stay warm ~*~Lisa

  3. Oh my Lisa...not good. Stay warm and dry if you can...this crazy weather we are having. If you are able to stay inside...maybe we might see pics of Witchipoo dressed soon...can't wait. Take care. Janice


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