Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Few Cubbies

While in our store today, I was looking at a couple of cubbies and just wanted to share these pics with you. The first one reminded me of the old wood spice apothecary that my gramma B had in her farm kitchen.

Being Polish, my gramma always made many homemade cakes and cookies, in addition to paczki's, kolachi's, and chrusciki's (angel wings). She would open up her cubbies and spoon out just enough of the spices that she needed.

But my favorite baked good was grammas homemade little donuts. She would make the dough and fry them in her iron skillet. Then she would hand my sister and I each a paper filled with cinnamon & sugar and the other plain sugar. It was our job to shake the freshly fried donuts that she would put in our bags...oh I can just remember the wonderful smell of these tiny little donuts...and they were small enough that eating more than one, you did not think of the calories...but heck we did not know what that word meant back then. LOL
We were in donut heaven! 

This particular spice rack is for sale in our store

One of the cubbies reads ALLSPICE

Another Bk Powder (Baking Powder)

Unfortunately, the other cubbies have been worn down and are no longer readable, but I can just imagine someone else's gramma using this spice rack to make her grandchildren some wonderful goodies!

The other cubby in our store right now is more functional. Each of the drawers are deep and I can think of a million things I could put in floss, ribbon, rusty bells & pins....hmmm...maybe I can sneak this into the car before Bob sees me. LOL

Another vendor added this to his booth this what do you think? Should this come home with me?

Take care, Janice

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  1. Love the spice cubby and the other one also. And the memory of your grandmother reminds me of a post I just did about my grandmothers tea cakes. Our memories are priceless aren't they. Go ahead ,,, take that cubby home. It would be so hard if I did have a shop. I would want it all. Have a good weekend.


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