Friday, April 29, 2011

Choices Choices Choices

I have been really planning this bedroom redo, because I know once it is done...well I for one do not want to makes changes for awhile again...and it will be time for another room to fix up. You see we have a very old, never been updated house in which we really only have updated one room entirely. All of the other rooms are filled with prims, but we would really like to redo the walls, ceiling and floors for each....and as they say one room at a time. With starting the business (the antique store) we focused all of our savings to getting that started. Now that the store is doing good..its time to focus on the house again.

Back to the bedroom, I love looking at magazines. They not only tell me what the trends are in antiques, but I look through the pages for inspiration. It is also relaxing. Some of my favorites are Early Homes, Romantic Homes, A Simpler Time and Country Sampler.

Below are a few pages I have picked out as possible choices for bedroom wall colors.

I am partial to an off white or cream as you can bring in other colors with your decorating.
Like the picture on the right with the quilt as a color back drop.

But this green is really growing on me.

Or a green color that is in my vintage hooked rug that I have been saving.
What do you think?

Then I would like to get a textured the ones pictured above. These rugs remind me of the ones my gramma H. had in her farmhouse. 

Then I like this black shelf....that I know Bob could make for me.

But then, I also want to keep this vignette that is already in my bedroom, along with my early dresser.

You see what I am dealing with.
Choices, choices and more choices.

Take care everyone


  1. Ahhh...Good luck my friend. I feel your angst! We have been living here for almost 24 years and have changed almost nothing (except my son's room twice!) I am so boxed in with our woodwork - I love the off-whites/tans you showed - but noticed that I like the white trim that they have. Unfortunately, changing out the trim and extensive woodwork here isn't feasible. So, I'm not much help in your decision-making - not seeing the whole "space," I guess I would opt for the tan palette vs. the green....Just my thoughts. Good luck to you! (And, please, keep us posted - would love some inspiration!) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  2. Off white/tan is always good and then you can accent with your beautiful green and black always looks great with tan! We painted our bedroom green and it got old fast. Hope you have fun with your re-do! Take Care Janice! ~*~Lisa

  3. A couple of years ago I changed my wall colors in the living room to a tan color with white trim. I simply love it! Any color blends in with it and looks so pretty. Upstairs I had a yellow bedroom because the room only had one small window and I wanted it to be bright. But we just painted in there and I used a slightly lighter shade of the tan we have downstairs and I love it also. I do have the pale green in the bedroom and I like it there as well. I know decisions are hard to make. But just remember it is just paint. I have found buying the little sample bottles first make it easier to make up my mind and saves from buying a gallon or so and being stuck with it. Good luck. Can't wait to see the results.

  4. Good luck with your choices, Janice. The colors you've picked so far, I love. Poor Rob has painted our interior so many times- I can never make up my mind!


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