Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monday Montage

So for this weeks Monday Montage, I have decided to pick the color yellow. When Bob and I redecorated our back room, it originally was a back porch full of windows...Three full walls of windows. I wanted a more "homey" feel to this room, so we went to work...or I should say Bob went to work. LOL We decided on a deep yellow with red trim. Bob did all of the trim work and painted everything himself. The red of course did not look like the red on the paint card from the after Bob's grumbling...he went over the red with a stain to darken it and make it look more aged.

From these few pictures you can see a little bit of this yellow and red, but I really wanted to showcase my collections that have yellow in them. So here goes.

This is my grandson (Michael's) favorite chair. My granddaughter Mikayla has her fav too!

I made what I call these prairie flowers and placed them in a milk bottle with some sweet annie. The white flower is a cream wool felt. When you wash and dry this felt, it makes it bumpy. In this picture you cannot see this unfortunately. Some apple gourds in a wood bowl and my clever candle concealer wrap up this little display. When I light my candle the holes from this grater dance on the walls. Pretty at night when it is lit.

The yellow wall sure does make this red lantern show off its stuff!
Bob makes these signs...and at the moment we only have one left in the store.

One of my quilts.

This is our early 1900 clock that chimes on the hour. I bought three prim tool box inserts one year at a garage sale. I just thought they were different, so I made up some fabric pears, tucked them inside this insert and now this is my year round fruit arrangement...except for Christmas of course!

I made this penny rug almost 10 years now, and I still do not get tired of looking at it. I made it from wool felt and coffee stained the entire piece after it was completed for that prim look.

I have to admit, going yellow and red in this room was a bold decision. The pictures do not really show the true colors. We already had an old wood floor in this room which we painted from gray to brown. At Christmas the reds really do look nice against it. Plus at night it has this cozy aura about it. 
 Well, off to work on my Sunday crafts. Wait til you see what I have been sewing up today!

Take care everyone

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  1. My dad used to have a chair just like that-same color! Love your viginette-grater candle cover is a great idea! I have my fabric pears just like yours out too-don't ya love them? Thanks for sharing Janice! Have a good week ~*~Lisa


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