Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wagons...Carts & a Cow

Hi everyone,
Its been a bit since my last post. This was a busy week for Bob and I.

Unfortunately, one of our antique club members passed away this week. He helped Bob and I get into this business, so this is a great loss to us, and we will miss him tremendously.

On a happier note, we also went to a first anniversary party for one of our friends in the neighboring town. A year ago she opened a decorating resale shop and also furnishes it with vintage furniture that she rescues, and re-paints in either black or white. The shop is really cute with flower arrangements, china, linens, and many more items mixed in with seasonal items as well. If you happen to be in St Clair, Michigan please visit This and That and tell Chris that we sent you. Plus our other friends (Hank and Renee) have an antique store in the same plaza called the St Clair Antique Mall.

Many of you knew we had our BWADA (Blue Water Antique Dealers Association) antique show this past week. It was a very nice show, and we had a record crowd who made the trip over the two day weekend.

At the show there was a vendor in the next aisle over that had this old antique wagon that I had my eye on...which reminded me of the fact that as a kid growing up on the farm, we did not have the traditional "red flyer" wagon as most kids did. We either rode on the hay wagon, a horse, our very own go-cart and even a cow. Yes, I did say a COW. Both sets of grandparents had dairy farms. It was on grampa H's 350 acre farm where my cow rides took place.

I would follow grampa into the cow pasture at evening milking time. He also carried a feed bag with him, and this one cow would always come to my grampa and he would wrap the feed bag around her head so she could eat a little bit of grain. Then he would put me on her back and we would go back into the barn with the other cows following behind us.

I remember grampa always saying to the cows...COME BAAAS...not sure why he would call for the cows like that...cause to me it always sounded like he was calling sheep instead of cows. LOL

This particular cow that I rode was very gentle, but also smart too! If grampa forgot to put a cement block on the grain bin in the barn, she would somehow lift the top and gorge herself. Not only could she lift the grain bin lid, she was able to lift the black wrought iron latch that opened the door to the side room of the barn where grampa kept the grain. (if we only had video back then to catch her in the act) She was a smart one that's for sure!

Well back to the wagon. I worked the show by myself on Saturday and Bob worked the store. When I was not busy with my own booth...which was not very often...I kept looking at this wagon...thinking to myself...where could I put this in my house. I really wanted it. Well, on Sunday that little wagon was still sitting on the vendors table and I asked Bob if we could buy it. His first question was "where are you going to put it?' Well, if you are a collector like will always find a place to put it... lol

It was a bit expensive, but Bob said if the wagon was still there at the end of the day...we would buy it...Well unfortunately the wagon was sold just before the show started and I was really, really upset that Bob did not buy it when we had the chance....I even went over and talked to the vendors, thinking that maybe they just put it under the table or something...but it really was sold.

The good thing it was sold to my hubby Bob. He bought it while I was not looking and sneeked it into our van...what a little stinker he hubby is the sweetest in the world...and that's why I love him so MUCH...

Isn't this just the cutest red prim wagon!! We are going to be redecorating our bedroom soon, so I thought this would look good in there, and for Christmas I will put my antique feather tree inside. I need some suggestions as to what I should put inside for the other times of the year...suggestions would be very appreciated.

Have a great weekend all.
Until next time.

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  1. What a nice post! So glad you ended up with the wagon! Also loved the story about your grandpa and the cows...I should have been a farm girl
    because I love everything about it... and to live in the country would be wonderful...Enjoy your new prim treasure!


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