Friday, June 2, 2023

Putting This To Bed


The Definition for
Putting Things To Bed  
reads as such.
Complete something and either
set it aside or send it on to the next step.  

In my case Woman On Horseback

has finally been finished.

I wanted to leave the rest of the horse
incomplete until I had the final tree hooked.


A very regal horse dont you think?

Now it has been put aside
until I bind it.
I do love this rug though!
Only God knows when that will happen.
So much on my plate right now.

In other news,
Bob's dad just got out of the hospital.
He broke 2 ribs in a fall and because
of his COPD he could not breath.
He is back home with oxygen.

Summer has arrived here in Michigan.
Temps have reached the 90's now.
At night though we sleep with the windows open.
The cardinals have been waking 
me up in the morning with their singing.

I drew out a new rug pattern,
but opted to work on a small cross stitch pattern
since finishing this latest rug.
I have been mesmerized with samplers lately. 
Many pins have been saved to my Pinterest,
Along with colonial rooms.
Have been addicted to You Tube too.
Subscribed to a few more prim ladies.

Well best get to work.
YAY its Friday!!!
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
I have a baby shower on Saturday,
so Bob is working the gift shop for me.
What are your plans this weekend?

Put To Bed Blessings To All!



  1. Janice, you did a fine job on the Woman on Horseback and yes, your horse looks regal. I never work on a sampler but I did some cross stitches in the past but my eyes are not as good as they used to be. But never say never. I have a pair of magnifying glasses that used when working on cross stitch and maybe I still do so cross stitch.

    It was so hot here yesterday and even though it says on my weather app that's it's cloudy and raining I only see sun.

    Take care and enjoy the weekend and the baby shower.

  2. Your Lady look fantastic. Not sure about you but even tho the pattern was smallish it seemed to take forever to finish the background.
    Glad Bob's dad is back home and hope he gets his breathing improves.
    Summer arrived yesterday here too. Have a good weekend.

  3. Fine job on your hooked mat!
    Vending at a small hook in tomorrow so that will take care of my Saturday. Sunday I hope to get more yard work done ;-) As you know it never ends!

  4. Yes, very regal! I think you did a wonderful job on that rug. Sorry to hear of Bob's dad and the broken ribs. I hope he heals quickly and without a lot of pain.

  5. Your Lady in Horseback turned out great. I love your colors.

  6. Your mat turned out fantastically!! That horse reminds me of my FIL's arabians....and you can almost feel the forward riding motion of the fine lady. Well done! It has turned hot here too...and very, very, dry. Too early for it. No specific plans for the weekend...just a great many gotta-do's that I don't wanna-do. ~Robin~

  7. I love the rug! So fun and I see you made a little Tundra on it! We have the same weather and now we could use some rain! This weekend I'm getting things ready for our trip next week to Oregon and also getting my eyes examined tomorrow! Way over due for new glasses. We'll have company right after we get home so I have to make sure all is in order when we get back. Sometimes vacations are a lot of work! Ha! Take care and enjoy your weekend!

  8. Wonderful rug! you are busy so sorry about your father in law.
    I have a dance recital tonight and then wed off with some friends.

  9. I love the new rug too. The horse turned out beautifully. It's very hot and dry here which is concerning for so early in the season.

  10. Splendid piece your Lady on Horseback rug! It looks regal and dignified.
    Wishing your father-in-law a quick recovery!


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