Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Lights Camera Action

My new light came in.
So once up, the camera was out, the action began.
My new light came from
Carriage House Lighting.
I love that this is a U.S. made company.
The company is out of Ohio.
I saw first hand the quality of these as they
vended an antique show Bob and I use to do.

The newest sampler is up now.
I did find out from Ellen who emailed me
that this was a repro from the 70's.
Thank you Ellen for letting me know.
If I removed the backing I would have known.
However, I did not want to mess up 
what I thought was an old backing.
I will still love it though.
It may not be an antique, but it is vintage.

Same for this sampler of the Lord's Prayer.
Stitched in 1942.

I placed both samplers underneath the light.
If you notice the line going down on the right.
Our drywall in here was made from panels.
I have never heard of this before, but Bob had.
It was here when I bought the house. 
Brown paneling was over it. 
Not sure why the previous owner did that.
We are the second owner of this home.

My new tan curtains also came in.
I was able to find some tobacco curtains.
These came from Family Heirloom Weavers.

Once washed they will retain this wrinkled
primitive look which I love.

I simply love our new bedroom look.

This completes this wall.

Am on the hunt for a smaller hanging cabinet
for above my desk now.

In other news,
we have a small ribbon snake that decided
to make its home in our back yard.
It is a small one. Only about 12 inches long.
Tundra does not know what to make of it.
It is not poisonous so not worried.
Here in Michigan we only have one poisonous snake.
It is called the Eastern Massasauga.
It gets 2 to 3 ft and they are a rare find.
Glad because I dont want to see one. LOL
Have never seen one.
They live in the wetlands and are in the decline here.

We are also in a drought. 
No more bonfires until in rains.
We had a major fire to the North about 3 hours
 caused by a private landowners campfire.
More than 3000 acres burned. 
It is only 85% contained right now.

Am still purging items.
My loss will be someone else's gain.
At least I am recycling.
When you purchase antiques you are recycling.
New items will not last as long
in our throw away society.
Nowadays Made on China will end up in landfills.
Antiques last for hundreds of years.
Many of mine are from the 1700's.
Do you think made in China will last that long?

Thanks for the well wishes for FIL.
He is on the mend. It will take time.

Well off to work.

Tuesday Blessings To All!


  1. I never heard of a ribbon snake so looked it up. I've on occasion seen one similar but maybe it was the garter snake I saw since they look similar. Enjoy your Re-Do.

  2. Your vision is coming to fruition. I like that sampler.
    I remember when people were putting panels on the walls. I guess, it was the modern thing to do in those days.

    I'm not a fan of snakes although I wasn't afraid of the snakes when I was young as they were seen quite often where I lived but now, I would rather they stay away. I'll look up ribbon snake online.

    Enjoy your new bedroom decor.
    It was dry here but it's been raining for days and no sun.

  3. Love the finished bedroom and the new light. I need to check out your purges. I love your eye for great stuff and maybe using it a tad different. I have been very tempted to see if your horse is still in the store. It is a nice smaller size. Have a great week,hope your trips to work become less stressful

  4. We are in a world of hurt in the precipitation department in northern Ohio, too. Not good to be this dry in early June ;-(
    Love your new light and the bedroom looks wonderful.
    I need to purge but it probably won't be happening any time soon...lol!

  5. You new light and sampler display is wonderful! I do love Carriage House lighting.... We, too, are in a drought. So weird this early. The temps finally dropped today to something more "normal" than it has been, but still no rain. lawns are burning up...even mine though we have a sprinkler system...but I can't find anyone to come and turn it back on. Trade you your little ribbon snake for some humungous Eastern Fox snakes...AND I will through in an Eastern Massasauga too. They are everywhere here this year. Falling out of my trees and bushes. I'm seriously thinking of transitioning from a hermit to an agoraphobe. 😬 ~Robin~ (I still want your horse....if you ever think of a road trip. Hey, you could pick up a few snakes while you're here....) 🤣

  6. So pretty I would be pleased with it too. I can not do snakes and we have no poisionus ones.
    We have been blessed with rain and more coming in the next few days. We are also getting the smoke from Canada

  7. Hello,
    I love the new light and sampler display. :-) Made in the USA!!! That is what I am all about.. just wish it was easier to find items made in the USA.
    We are in a drought too. Very sad, all our lawns are crusty brown. My garden is struggling. And the farmers are having a hard time, irrigation is helpful, but good old rain is best.

  8. I feel for you in your dry season. We are so used to drought.......yet we have had surprising flood waters from days and days of much needed rain. The main highway that we use to travel is currently shut down due to so much flooding. I agree with you about the longevity of antiques. Some things "made in China" are pretty........so I guess if someone loved an item from this........it could possibly survive for years. I love the light and the stitched samplers display! Wishing you gentle rainy days!

  9. Lovely display with the light and the samplers! At this moment.......we are beyond soggy......which is usually so different for our area. Wishing you much needed rain. I agree with you on how antiques stay forever!

  10. Your new light is lovely and so are the samplers. I'm getting ready for a yard sale and hate pricing this stuff. I just want it gone.

  11. Janice, what wonderful finds to finish off your bedroom! Friends in Dearborn filled their 1919 home with antiques, and I loved that atmosphere.


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