Thursday, March 30, 2023

March CupboardScape

Can March almost be over already?
I will be glad when the March winds end.
Hopefully there will not be April winds.
We almost lost our gift shop awning during
the latest winds.
Bob had to strap the one end down by
wrapping it around one of our cement parking blocks
that are in our parking lot.

When I think of March, I do think of green though.
This is usually the month where the flowers
start popping out of the ground.
The trees start budding.
I thought it would be fitting to make this 
cupboardscape about green.

I added a green wreath under my pitcher.
Green grass inside a pantry box.

The green vine at the bottom is a Wandering Jew one.
(am I even allowed to say that anymore)
On the left is a make do candle holder made from
an early mallet.

I have been selling this onion grass at the shop.
They are almost gone.

Also sold these cute lil shamrocks.
Another item that reminds me of March.

All reside on and in my white apothecary cabinet. 

The throw is also green with tan leaves.

In other news.
My last dentist appt. was not a fun one.
I have a tooth that had a root canal done
on it which is now rotting from the inside. UGH
They also want me to get my teeth cleaned
now every 4 months.
My insurance will only pay for two times a year.
It seems I inherited my dad's gene
when it comes to bad teeth.
He had dentures.
I have a mouthful of silver.

Bob reminded me that Easter is just around the corner.
I have to get my butt in gear and decide my menu.
I always host Easter.
Ham will be served.
Just need to figure out my sides.
Did decide on a cherry cheesecake for dessert.

Well better also get my butt on my work computer.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Bring On The Green Blessings To All!


  1. Your shop must be lovely - I like the idea of green in March - of course St. Pat's day too.
    Sorry about your teeth. Funny when we get older we need dental insurance and of course Medicare doesn't cover it.
    Your Easter meal sounds yummy.

  2. I'm well acquainted with dental pain as I have 9 crowns (after root canals). I go to the dentist every 6 months for check ups and cleaning and don't have dental insurance.
    April won't bring wind maybe but should bring showers.

  3. I am sure they will change the name of the Wandering Jew plant. We must be politically correct. Argh. Don't get me!
    I go to the dentist Monday. Hopefully no surprises.
    Cherry cheesecake. YUM!!!

  4. It has been windy -- and cold. We're just hoping for a dry sunny Easter day so the boys can enjoy their egg hunt!

  5. Janice, I love your apothecary cabinet and the green decoration. You can never go wrong with greenery.
    Whatever you chose for the Easter menu, I'm sure it will be wonderful. I can't believe how fast the time goes. One day left in March. It snowed this morning and it was cold and windy although the sun came out of hiding later in the afternoon.
    Take care, hugs,

  6. you had me with apothecary cabinet. Your collection of treasures must be amazing! We can "cancel" everything, that's the name of the us Lord

  7. Janice, I associate green with March also although I haven't done anything towards that goal and here the month is almost over. Love the apothecary chest. A perfect backdrop for the green..Happy Spring..xxoJudy

  8. I'm usually glad to see March arrives because I know it means Spring is coming. We've had a mild winter and now we're heading into April and I'll be outdoors more playing in the dirt! We've had a ton of wind also which scares my dog! As long as we keep power I'm good. I love Easter and always host. Ham is on the menu and I'm putting a list of what sides I think will be good. I'll probably list that on a blog soon. I just had a tooth break which had me at the Dentist getting the root removed and in about 4mo after it heals I'll get an implant. I tell the kids, "Well, there goes more of your inheritance into my mouth"! Have a good weekend Janice.


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