Sunday, March 26, 2023

On The Move

 Can Spring be here finally?
Well the March winds sure have arrived.
When I left my mom's yesterday morn,
the waves were at least 5 feet or more
crashing over the break wall on Lake Huron.
Thursday night I found out you could see
the Northern lights as far as 2 miles
south of my mom's.
Unfortunately Friday night the clouds
moved in so I could not see them.
A day late and a dollar short as they say.

The February winds
forced me to leave my back room for work.
I move my desk to the living room
and we closed off that room for now.

While sitting there during the day now,
I noticed the sun come out after many
cloudy and/or snowy days.

Now don't get me wrong.
I so love seeing the sun in the Winter.
It males me more happy,
however I digress it was shining right
 on my delicate early sampler.

Although I do not know how old this is,
it was stitched on a silky linen
which was often the linen choice of
early samplers from the 1800's.

Well after I saw this...
the sampler had to be moved.

Move it I did.
Since this is the sampler I use for most of
my stitching pillows, I needed to save it
from the scorching sun which was fading it out.

Will show you later where it was moved.

In other news,
Mary from 
Windy Meadows Farm blog
asked me if the wool for my rug was cut.
I purchase wool in various sizes.
While most rug hookers have a cutter
to cut their wool into strips,
I hand cut mine.
When Bob and I vended antique shows,
I always purchased my wool from a lady
who sold her wool at the show.
She was from Missouri and I wish I new her name.
You see here in Michigan where I live,
not many wool stores to be found.
Those that do only sell solids.
Am running out of my stash now.
Need to find some soon.

On my way up to my mom's,
I visited my two fav antique friends shops.
I bought something from each.
Will show you in another post. 

Tundra was so excited to see me back.
Bob said he did not even sleep in the bed
like he does when we are both here.
He is a bed hog. LOL

Well we are off to work the stores.
I also have to check in some Summer inventory
that arrived on Friday.

On The Move Blessings To All!


  1. The sun will do a number on fiber pieces. I have more than my fair share of wool.

  2. That was beautiful work from the 1800's. So nice you are able to visit with your mom - enjoy that time. I love the sun to shine - and of course today we are having more rain. So much rain this year.

  3. I can't imagine all the history that this little sampler has seen since the 1800th. This museum piece looks very fragile and it's a good thing that you moved it out of the sun tp preserve it.

    I find that it's getting more difficult to find good 100% wool skirts in thrift stores now as a lot of synthetic material is used in the making of garments. I ordered a bolt of natural wool way back from W. Cushing & Co and it's almost gone. I hope that I'll be able to get more soon.

    It's been snowing for the last couple of days. As the snow melts, it's replaced with more snow. It seems like we have had so much precipitation in rain and snow lately. I hope it doesn't flood.
    Take care, hugs.

  4. That sure looks old, still cool, a little tattered is good right...
    I get my wool from thrifting and a vendor who had a rug hooking studio near me.

  5. So happy you noticed the sun beating down on that sampler!
    Oh, those winds were horrific. I know other parts of Ohio had it much worse than me, but oh, they were scary.
    If you and Bob are ever taking a road trip through Ohio, there is a wool shop in Wellington with a great selection of wool and the best prices to be found on wool. Plus I m a half hour away and you could stop and say hi ;-)

  6. We do have some wool stores in Michigan! Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios is in Howell, Linda Harwood of Hooked on Ewe is in Ionia, Diane Klamik of The Wool Room is in South Lyon, and Lynne Kossarek of Never Enough Wool is in Romeo. All these ladies have lovely wool, both as is and hand dyed, and all carry textures as well as solids. Plus they are all lovely to work with! There are a few on the west side of the state as well but those I mentioned would be closest to you I think. And of course there is always the online option to order from The Wool Studio or Heavens to Betsy, both highly respected wool vendors. Good luck!

  7. Beautiful old sampler...I'm glad you took it out of the sun. I know I have a wall of antique samplers in the new master bedroom and they face the windows (a northern exposure, but exposure nonetheless). I have so little wall space in the house - whatever there is is covered in windows, so not many options - but I keep the shades mostly pulled. Yesterday and today have been unusually calm here wind-wise. Usually we have gale force winds almost all the time. Good luck on the wool hunt. I am fortunate to have a source down the lane. ~Robin~

  8. We love the sun up North but it can do damage. I'm glad you were able to move it out of the way. The wind here was horrible on Saturday. Plus a thunderstorm too that scared poor Annabelle! I wish I could help you with the wool issue but I dont' have a clue about that! Take care Janice and my Mom always said to keep moving or "they'll get ya!" Whoever "They" were!

  9. We are a warm country, so wool is rarely found. Winter sweaters are usually made of acrylic stuff not of wool, certainly not of pure wool. Several times, while on trips to Europe I bought some pure wool items (socks, vests). Sweaters were quite expensive.

  10. Looking forward to seeing what treasures you found at the antique store!

  11. Hello,
    I too was a day late and a dollar short of seeing the Northern Lights.
    Love, Carla


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