Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Are You Ready For An Update

Hello friends.
I am really loving hooking this rug!

Since I am only able to hook on weekends
when I am at the store...
not much was accomplished the first day after
my last update.
I had to do inventory and check in more inventory. 

I was only able to complete the Woman's head,
hat and collar.

The next day it was snowing,
so I was able to accomplish more
with hardly any customers coming in.

Started the dress in a tweed-like wool.
Blues, reds and white.

I also reverse hooked the collar.
I felt the gray I first had chosen
washed out and there was no definition.
I like the darker green I chose.
Yeah I know I dont like green, but in person
its hard to tell this is a green wool.

Here is the wool I chose for her dress.

 I used the same green for her riding gloves.
Saundra added lines in the bottom part
of the dress to show the direction to hook.
I took advantage of these lines to add in a darker
wool for an added rendition. Also hooked one row
to the left in the same darker wool.
Was going to redo the dress buttons
that I did as French knots...but heck this 
makes it more primitive.

Well this is my update of
Woman On Horseback.
My last post had her as a Lady.
I realized Saundra wrote the name on the linen. 
The green at the bottom was the shirt I was wearing.
I was bent over a bit at the store when taking this last pic.
You can also see my black shoes. 

In other news,
my mom's eye appt went well.
She usually spends a few days with us,
but this time wanted to get back as her
church was doing a soup and bread dinner.
Everyone brings a soup to try while others
bring homemade breads.
Sounds wonderful.
She was making cabbage soup.
(I love this veggie soup) 

Tomorrow I go back to the same eye doctor.
Bob is having another peripheral vision test.
Hopefully his left eye is getting better,
but my gut is telling me it is not.

Since my mom left early,
I will head to her house Friday after work
and spend the night with her this time.
Gives us more time together.

Well have to get to work now.

Update Blessings To All!



  1. A great beginning on your Lady on Horseback. I look forward to your progress.

    I like the idea of homemade soup and bread. I bet there were some amazing soups and bread to taste. Was this a fund raiser?I make soups quite often but haven't made bread in a while. Now, I'm on a mission to make some Ciabatta bread.
    I made a big pot of chilli yesterday and fresh bread would be lovely with it.

  2. YOu're making great progress on that -- and great news on your mom too. Oh, soup! Yum!

  3. Work on the Lady on Horseback looks good! Good Luck at the eye doctor to both you and Bob!

  4. Your Lady on the Horse looks Great !!!! Love your colors and her dress !!!
    Good Luck at the eye Dr's

  5. That is going to be a nice rug. I haven't done this since I was a young mom. I made some rugs to hang on the walls of the nursery. That's good that you can spend time with your mom. They need that so much.

  6. I'm glad your Mom's appointment went well now let's hope the same for Bob. I think your rug is looking fabulous! I love the colors! I hope we are done with snow as it's suppose to be in the 60's the rest of this week. I got home from Chicago today and it's good to get home but I sure miss my sis and wish we loved closer. Have fun with your Mom. I miss doing those things with my Mom. Have a good rest of the week!

  7. Well I can surely tell rug hooking has come a long way from when I did it 50 years ago. You make the sketch, then pick the colors, and the stitch. It is amazing.
    I used to spend the night at my moms once in awhile - I miss that.

  8. Your rug is looking good.
    Best of luck at the eye doctor's.

  9. I love the rug. I want the dress your lady is wearing. ;-) I love the colors.
    Sending prayers for Bob.
    Love, Carla

  10. I hope your visit to the eye doctor went well - I know it's worrisome. Love the colors on your rug! Can you tell me (since I don't hook rugs) the sample you showed for the lady's that a piece of wool that you cut into strips? Those are my colors...perfect! Would love to find some throw rugs in those muted colors. Sending good wishes for Bob your way...I hope all is well, Mary

  11. How lovely your hooked rug is turning out and you are doing such a wonderful job! Hope you eye doctor visit goes well .

  12. Your hooked rug is looking so pretty! You are doing such a great job! Hope all goes well with your eye doctor appointment!

  13. Your rug is looking great! I hope his eye is getting better. Enjoy your time with your mom!


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