Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Hooked Me Some Eggs

Hello friends!
So back in January I decided to pick up
my hook to make some hooked Easter eggs
for the gift shop. 

I dont have a serger, so I always have to whip stitch
my linen so t does not fray.

I really don't like green,
but it is most appropriate for Easter eggs.

Same for pink and purple, but great for
Easter eggs.

The back of each egg is this white wool.

I only hooked 5.

However I did enjoy hooking them all!

In other news, we have had snow and/or flurries
every day now.
Snowed all day yesterday.

Bob has to have a sleep study soon.
They are concerned his breathing may be
hindering him at night and he may need a cpap machine.

Hope everyone enjoys their St Patrick's Day.
We will stay home and do nothing.

Easter Egg Blessings To All!


  1. Bet those eggs roll right out of the shop quickly! They are all sweet.

  2. I have to agree with you - I do not like to eat green apples - but those eggs look so beautiful with green. Good job. Hope Bob doesn't need a machine!

  3. Sweet eggs I hooked some last year.
    We are getting the snow now 4 heavy inches so far and the wind is just starting

  4. These are awfully cute, Janice!

  5. Good job on the Easter eggs. I bet they will fly off the shelf quickly. Maybe you should have made more...

    My daughter has one of those machine to sleep and she wakes up refreshed instead of tired. I hope Bob's test will be fruitful.
    Take care,

  6. Your Easter Eggs are so cute ! Great idea !

  7. Sweet eggs. Of the hundreds of things I have hooked, I have never hooked an Easter egg ;-)
    If you don't want to whip stitch, you can a zig zag stitch (I don't have a serger either), use Heat 'n Bond (just be sure to cut off before steaming because it will melt...don't ask how I know), or the latest trick I learned is paint the edges with rubber cement!
    Good luck to Bob!

  8. Sweet eggs, another great idea. :-)
    We are under another storm advisory. Our neighbors garage roof collapsed Saturday from the weight of the snow. We roof rake all our roofs, house, garage and yard barn.
    Up to 8 inches in this next storm, maybe they will be wrong.

  9. So clever...and such talent, love the eggs! A wonderful item to sell in your shop...handcrafted, not mass produced - that means so much. Put your feet up and watch the snow fall - a peaceful way to end the week.

  10. Your hooked Easter eggs are a lovely addition to your shop!
    Good Luck to Bob with his breathing, with or without a cpap machine!

  11. Hi Janice. Love the hooked eggs just so pretty for a bowl full. Thanks for the reminder. I didn't even think of what today was until I read your post..Happy St. Patty's Day..xxoJudy

  12. Cute eggs! Lovely job! Snow melted and temps are warm until the weekend with cold coming back for a quick slap! Have a good weekend Janice! I'm heading to Chicago but hopefully will get a quick blog in before going!

  13. Those are cute! I've had a sleep study. I should use a cpap...but I don't like it. I now monitor my sleep with a fitbit. I don't snore as much as I did. Happy St. Patty Day to you too.


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