Thursday, March 2, 2023

A Couple Of Bunnies

It's Bunny Season.
Hip Hip Hooray!
For those who know me,
I have loved bunnies since I was a child.
My first stuffed animal was a huge pink and yellow one.
My mom ended up throwing it away it was so ragged.
I was upset at the time, but understand now. 

 This year I did not create many bunnies for the store.
Not enough time.
But let's start with this pillow I did create.

Except for the background fabric,
the entire pillow was made from wool.
I did add three blue glass beads for his shirt,

Holding a red tulip to give to his sweetie.

As always all my pillows are rag stuffed.
This one is a OOAK (one of a kind)

The back of this pillow is this muted brown fabric.

Next up is tilted bunny as I call him.

He truly is a prim bunny with all of his flaws.

I crocheted his scarf from cotton yarn,
then aged it in a coffee stain.

The scarf matches his Easter egg.

He is weighted at the bottom so will stand.
Don't you just love his big head?

Well today I am taking Bob to the eye doctor.
His eyes have been going crazy on him lately.
He did get new glasses about 6 months ago,
and was doing good, but now he has been
getting blurred vision at times.
We are not sure what is going on,
so hopefully the eye doctor will have some answers.

Before we go, we will be visiting one
of our favorite sushi joints for lunch.
We get all kinds from cooked to raw.
We love it, but I do know not everyone does.
Bob is not much of a picky eater, except when it
comes to rice.
He will only eat it with Chinese or Thai food.
There are several soups and casseroles
I would love to make with rice, but alas I cannot.

We also might get another snowstorm on Friday.
Depending on the models, 
1 to 6 or more inches of snow.
Am not complaining because my Wisconsin
friends have been getting walloped lately.

Couple Of Bunny Blessings To All!


  1. You are so talented - I love your bunny and your pillow.
    I hope the doctor finds out what is going on with your husband's eyes.
    Can't say I like sushi - but why can't you have rice?

  2. I agree with Chatty Crone ~ make half a recipe of rice for you to have as a side dish with meals or put in your bowl of soup. Could be once Bob see's how more hearty it looks he'll decide to try and like it. Hope he gets some good resulting answers from the eye doctor.

  3. You are so creative, no wonder your store is doing so well. You know your customers and what they like.

    With instant rice you can make any size portion for yourself. I love rice and there is so many ways to serve it. Left over rice can always easily be made into fried rice.

    Only 18 days official to spring. Take heart.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Your Bunnies are So Cute !!!!

  5. Love that bunny pillow.
    Prayers for Bob on his eye doctor visit today.

  6. Bunny LOVE from me. I love bunnies too. I love the floppy ears.
    Praying for Bob, and that you will receive answers.
    Love, Carla

  7. I'm a bunny fan, too -- and I'm VERY fond of you pillow. That's simply adorable. Sending all good wishes for Bob.

  8. Very cute bunnies. There was a time I collected bunnies - I had this cute rag bunny. I have since donated them and now a few years after the fact, I wish I had kept a few.

    My mom used to live on Thumper Way. She loved bunnies too and said when my dad and her saw the place, it was a done deal.

  9. I love brown bunny and the pillow. The wools you used surely make for a very special bunny. Remember the sweet little song, "Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit your ears are mighty long?" :~)

  10. Such sweet bunnies! Good luck to your husband at the eye Dr.
    We are getting walloped with snow too..but it is spring it will melt fast

  11. We have been getting walloped! Yes, I love his big head! Your creations are always amazing!

  12. I love your bunnies! I'm getting the house dewinterized in preparation for Spring and Easter. I love this time of year of change and better weather. I hope you didn't get too much of the white stuff. We've been clear so far and I keep my fingers crossed we stay that way! Enjoy your weekend and I hope Bob's eyes are good!


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