Monday, March 6, 2023

What A Cmbo

 Hello friends!
Hope all is well with you in your neck of the woods.
The last snowstorm we had there was 
Thundersnow with it.
As soon as I saw the first lightning 
then heard the clap of thunder I knew what what it was.
My daughter called and said can you believe it
mom I just saw lightning and heard thunder
 and it is snowing hard.
I told her yep, thundersnow.
The last time I had seen this phenomenon 
was back in the 80's. 
Fortunately we only got 4 inches of snow.
My mom got 8.

More goodies I created for the store.
Baby carrots.
All of the orange ones have been spoken for already.
I still have a few white Winter ones.
These were packaged in threes.

I also packaged some grass.

Placed some in the back room,
while others were scattered around the front. 
You can see some of the Easter eggs I crocheted
to the left.

Some I even added to these cute wheelbarrows.
These were also packaged in threes.
All different colors.

Then I decided to crochet some in just
colors of normal eggs.
I know there are blue and green eggs that hens lay,
but just did the whites and browns.
Perfect for my prim lovers.

I so love the colored ones though too!
Like I said, many color combinations to choose from.

The regular eggs were also packaged in threes.
So glad my gramma B was able to teach
 me how to crochet.
Its funny though, the stitches I was use to working on,
are called totally something different now.
The younger generation it seems does not want to
give credit to their foremothers with the names
of their stitches.
A granny square is now called a Farmhouse Square.
A picot stitch is now called a chunky stitch. 
Magic circles replace chaining and joining to form a circle.
Now also called Modern Crochet.
I guess we should be thankful that there are those
Tik Tok influencers out there are showing off crochet.
I myself am now crocheting strawberries at night.
For Autumn I will once again crochet
 more pumpkins and acorns.
Also some mushrooms this year.
My wool ones from last year were a hit.
All sold out.
Would like to try new ones for this year.

In other news,
Bob's eye appt did not go very well
His peripheral vision is still not getting any better.
Very frustrating, but the ophthalmologist 
keeps saying its not even a year since his stroke.
It takes time....but what happens if it dont come back?

Well off to work.
Hope everyone enjoys this new week of March!

Combo Blessings To All!


  1. I have never experienced thundersnow before and would have weirded me out. Sorry about Bob's results; is there anything like eye rest from tv, computer, etc which might promote faster healing? I'd also be feeding him all the veggies for good eyesight:

  2. Forgot to mention that you have kept your nimble fingers working a lot to crochet all those items. Wishing you good sales.

  3. Those eggs are all beautiful.
    Snowstorms hitting the entire country yet us in the tri state area still have no more than a light dusting some mornings..
    Sorry to hear about Bob's eyes.. I'm sure, as dr. said it's only a matter of time..

  4. I haven't had the fun of thundersnow and I'm OK with waiting until another time to experience it! We've been spoiled with hardly any snow this year. I'm ready for spring and all those cute eggs you did put me in the Easter mood! They will all sell out I'm sure! I'm sorry Bob's eye exam didn't go as planned. Hopefully it will improve with more time but if not I know you two will figure out the next step. I'm sending prayers and hugs your way!

  5. Your crocheted eggs are all so cute. They must be fast to crochet as you made so many of them. I love the old fashion of doing things. Strange that they have also modernized crochet.I'm sticking with the old.

    Sorry about Bob's eyes. It must be a real cross for him to bear, like my husband George. He has macular degeneration and is getting expensive injections in his eyes every 6 weeks to slow down the progress. My good lady friend lost her sight to macular degeneration.
    It's snowing snowman snow today. Very humid outside.

    Take care, hugs.

  6. You're just so talented, love the eggs - a sweet, old-fashioned, nod to Easter and spring. And I agree...why do things need "revamped, rebranded" whatever people want to call it. The simple things (in my humble opinion) are always best. I've never heard of, that must be something! I'm sorry the appointment didn't go as you'd wanted it to - I know it's hard to wait...sometimes the body just takes time to bounce back. Sending warm wishes - make some snow ice cream and stay cozy. Mary

  7. Your little carrots are so sweet!
    Sorry Bob did not get better news. Hopefully he will soon see some improvement.

  8. Your eggs are so pretty.
    I am sorry about Bob's eyes - I pray they get better.
    I had to look up thundersnow - I had never heard of it before.

  9. We didn't get the thundersnow. I don't think I've ever been in that. Loving all your Easter but not loving the news about Bob's eyes. I hope time will help.

  10. All so nice! Yes .... we have TicTok influencers to thank for lots of ...... well..... Prayers for Bob.

  11. Prayers for Bob.
    I love your eggs. Please keep using the old school terms while crocheting. ;-)
    And does the Farmer Almanac have anything to say about lighting, thunder and a snowstorm all at the same time?

  12. Praying that your husband is all well again very soon. Thundersnow is a new term to me, and sounds quite amazing. All of your Easter decor is adorable. The crocheted eggs look great.


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