Friday, December 9, 2022

The Heart Of The Home

Hello friends!

Growing up the kitchen was always
the heart of every home.
Whether at my grandparents, aunts & uncles,
or even my parents...everyone gathered
in the kitchen.

Today's pics of our Christmas kitchen. 

In other news.
Bob's blood pressure has been through the roof.
The past week every day it has been 163/80.
Our family doctor last Friday put him on
an additional bp medicine.
Yesterday the cardiologist added one more
and upped the dosage of the one our
family doctor prescribed.
If we cannot get it down soon,
he is a a very high risk of having another stroke.
Please say a wee prayer that these meds work.

Our family Polish Christmas party has been cancelled
for Saturday.
Both our workers that we scheduled to work 
our stores are sick.
So now Bob and I will be working.
After we close the stores,
we plan on taking the family to the local
restaurant in town for some pizza and beer on us.
Not as good as some real Polish food,
but at least we will still get together.

Well off to the quilt shop in a bit.
Need some fabric...and hopefully I can get some wool.

Have a marvelous day my friends!

BTW...thanks for the comments from my other post.
I need the smile and laugh!
You all are the best!!!

Heart Of The Home Blessings To All!


  1. Your hooked red roof house looks adorable hunkered in along the wall.

  2. Love your items there. Hope your hubs blood pressure goes down to normal!

  3. I'll include Bob in my prayers. High blood pressure is scary and nothing to ignore. I sure hope the new meds works to lower his blood pressure. I'm sorry about your workers being sick in such a busy time of the year and your polish Christmas party cancelled. Hopefully the workers will be back shortly.

    Your gingerbread decorations are just too sweet.
    I hope that you have a peaceful weekend so Bob can relax.
    Take care,

  4. I am praying for Bob. And for you and family. It all can take a toll.
    Sending hugs and love. xx oo

    Our kitchen is the center of action too. Our boys love to sit and visit while I prep food for dinner.

    Update on Sam... he and team had to go to Mogadishu. They are back, safe and sound. Thank Goodness.
    We were able to chat on the phone for a wee bit. :-)

  5. I'm sorry about your Christmas party but it's the being together that counts most, even if it's pizza, not Polish! Sending prayers and good hopes for Bob and the new meds.

  6. Absolutely keeping you both in my prayers...sometimes it takes a bit of back & forth for the dosages to be correct and to begin working, but it's till very stressful. This is hard on you as well...take some time to settle in and rest when you can.

    The kitchen is so always, love your sense of old-fashioned, warm, decorating style. Take care, Mary

  7. Prayers the doctors get Bob's bp under control.

  8. I just discovered your blog, Janice and so glad I read the first post telling everyone that your Bob's BP was down. Lots of prayers answered!

    Your blog is awesome! I love Prim and only have touches in our home these days. A few years ago we had our bathroom decorated in the primtive style & I had tea dyed an old huge doily & a few other things. Company came one day for a few days and while I was at work, she helped here & when I went in the bathroom those were pure white & she was so happy to let me know SHE was able to get them clean. ha ha! She had never heard of decorating with primitives. You have wonderful things!


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