Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Main Room Christmas

4 Days and counting
Presents wrapped. Check
Christmas cards sent. Check
Room ready for mom. Check
She will be arriving this morning
in order to miss the impeding snowstorm.
We will go out for dinner tonight,
and eat in the rest of the week.
Well maybe eat out again on Christmas Eve
since I will be working the gift shop that day.
Just until 3:00pm though.

Today is the final room to show you all.
The last part of our living room.
This is a chalkware Santa bank.
I added him to a wood trencher 
with some lights and greens.

My handmade Santa tree.

To the left is a very large pie peel on the wall.

This was one of my first Santa's I made.
The pattern came from the Create and Decorate magazine.

This is the view our guests would see
coming in from our front door.

I just love it in here at night.

So magical.

Placed this little tree next to the chair I sit in.
Just added mercury garland and prim
chenille candy canes.
A velvet star on top.

Beneath a small pair of red mittens
with a candy cane tea light.

Faux poinsettias in my crock.

Guess who I caught underneath.
Our kitty Shadow.

A few more of my quilts.

In other news.
Bob's blood pressure has gone back
to normal numbers, so the meds
seem to be working.
Thank you everyone for your prayers
and thoughts. Most appreciated!

Hoping everyone has all of their
Christmas preparations completed.

Well off to work.

Magical Christmas Blessings To All!



  1. Very happy Bob's bp is back to normal. Love your chalkware santa and I saw your sweet dancing bunnies hanging on the wall.

  2. Good morning Janice! I missed quite a few of your posts so I went and looked to see more of your amazing decor! Holy Cow! I don't know how you it all and work, not only at the banking job, but the stores too! I hope you have a great visit with your Mom and will not get too much snow from that storm. We're getting some of it too on Friday. Wish us luck! Merry Christmas!

  3. I just love all your little white lights. I have them everywhere, too!!!
    Great news about Bob's bp.
    Merry, merry Christmas.

  4. Have a Very Merry Christmas !!! Your decorations look great !!!

  5. It's all so very lovely! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year!

  6. Oops. I almost missed this post this evening. Your home looks so ready for Christmas and nothing says Christmas like little lights all over the place and Christmas trees. I wish I could get a close up of your larger Christmas tree with homemade decorations.

    Enjoy your mom's visit. I'm glad she coming ahead of the storm, just like I did when I went up home earlier. Also, I'm glad that Bob's BP is gone down. Such good news for Christmas. Stay well and warm.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Guests coming to your door are really in for a treat. What a magical place you have created! I know your mother enjoys her visits so much.

  8. Glad to hear hubby's bp is down, a relief I'm sure. Are you frozen/snowed in yet, or is yours coming Friday along with ours? (Yes, I'm in that state down south...that was an impressive football win a few weeks ago!! Still friends?!) You look like you're ready for Old St Nick, it's all so cozy and homespun, my favorite kind of Christmas. Take care! Merry Christmas, so glad to have "met" you across the miles, Mary


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