Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Santa Was Where?

Shhh...but I think Santa was already at our house.

He left a clue Saundra.

Maybe...just maybe he liked all  of the Santa's
he saw in here.

The proof is in the pudding they say.

No reflection in the mirrors though.
He is quick.

However, you see he did leave his calling card.
Guess he needed to take a quick shower
before he left.  :-)

He did try to fix the towel back the way I would have.
It was a bit awry. LOL

Any hoot Santa.
We will leave the light on for you in case you return.

Mid Week Blessings Toall!


  1. Okay not you've piqued my interest with the clue...could it be his red long johns? And did he leave you a pair of white mittens?

  2. That top photo is giving me giggles - Santa looks like he's fixin' to cheerfully throw punches instead of giving coal to naughty people.

  3. Well if Santa has been there already - you must have been a good girl. lol sandie

  4. Every room, every nook & cranny is filled with old-fashioned Christmas cheer...I absolutely love it. And one morning, you'll find Santa taking a little nap in a cozy spot, how could he not be tempted to curl up?!

  5. I like the idea of Santa every day! I can see why he'd visit you -- what a welcoming home!

  6. Did you look in your bedroom? Maybe Santa is still there and taking a nap with Tundra. I'm sure he wouldn't leave without his long-johns. A very cute post, Janice. I love all the Santas.

  7. AH HA!!!!! So it was his long johns. Thanks for the reply to my previous comment which had a misspelling.

  8. What a fun post Janice. Just what I needed. xx oo


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