Saturday, December 17, 2022

C'mon Back

See how I decorated our back room.
I dont often show pics from this room.
It is where I work daily for my real job.
Am a Commercial Loan Officer 
for a major bank.
Cannot show you the side where my desk is.
Just too messy with paperwork...LOL

Bob and I hardly sit in here during
the Winter months at night as it is a bit colder in here.
However working from home it is pretty
with the lights on during the day.

Well off to work the gift shop.
8 days and counting.

C'mon Back Blessings To All!


  1. Good grief woman! You sure do wear many hats! Love the Christmas decorating you did, I adore that primitive table and the hooked kitty rug on the wall.

  2. Everything looks so nice and I bet it is cozy with all the lights.

  3. It looks like living in an antique store at Christmas time. I think I would get overwhelmed trying to change the seasonal decor. Holy Moly, you have a lot of antiques.
    I like your Santas too but I think that the one over by the Christmas tree got over heated, lol...

    I don't know how you do it all , Janice. You are a wonder woman.

    The weather is miserable over here a mixture of rain and snow, so far, the grass is still green.

  4. My goodness you really have it decorated all nice and pretty - you can't tell it is cold though. I love the curtains in that on photo what kind of sweep over to the left. Gorgeous!

  5. Is this office AT the bank? Because I think that's amazing you can have a sofa in your office at a bank, much less decorate it so beautifully. I love this room so much, I would never want to leave! But I'm confused because you and Bob are there? So a home office? Either way, I adore it!

  6. Now this is a place I would love to work in. Wow!


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