Monday, December 5, 2022

A Merry Mantle

 Happy Monday friends!

Today is my Merry Christmas mantle.

With more of my antique Santa's.

Plus this Santa I created from the 1990's.

The Santa theme goes with my Santa tree
in our living room.

In other news.
Saundra asked if I had another red mitten
from my aunt.
Yes, it is hanging from the handle of the dark cabinet. 

Jacky asked if our home 
had ever been in a magazine.
We were supposed to be featured in one.
Prelim pics were taken.
We were even told which issue it would  be in.
The photographer coming from Toronto
in 2019, was not allowed to cross the border.
This delayed the photo shoot....
then Covid hit.
I have not heard from the magazine since.

Mantle Blessings To All!


  1. Sweet mantel we hung a big tv over ours (which I hate) so no much decorating going on there.
    to bad about the magazine shoot.

  2. Am so glad you have a PAIR or red mittens made by your Aunt!

  3. I too made a Santa similar to the one you made in the 90’s. I used to collect Santas. Your collection is festive. I miss not having a mantle.

  4. As a former Santa collector I love all the ones you've shown today! I gave many of mine away but kept my very favorites. I'll have to blog about them soon. I hope that magazine comes back to feature your home! That would be so fun to see and I'm a magazine lover so I know I wouldn't miss that! Have a good week Janice!

  5. You are multi talented. Your little Santas look like real antiques and perfect for your decor. What a shame that you missed out of the opportunity to have your home featured in a magazine because of Covid. Hopefully there will be an American magazine that will feature your home for next Christmas.

  6. I'd follow up with the photographer or magazine. You never know -- now that the border is open. And since they were scheduled for photos, they were certainly serious. Yes, follow up. And your home looks wonderful.

  7. Bummer about the magazine, but exciting nonetheless! Love your darling Santas, especially the one in the red boot. Have a lovely week my friend! Jane

  8. Oh boy, are you kidding me! I look at a lot of images...ahaha...your home is by far one of the best I've seen! I hope they come back to publish it.


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