Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Fall Is Here

Although the leaves have not turned yet,
Fall is in full swing here in Michigan.
The air is crisp on the morning,
and by afternoon it warms up a bit.
The foreign freighters are in the river.
Heading up to Duluth for their grain cargoes. 
I think the herons and egrets left already,
as I dont see them anymore.
Am loving all of the spooky Halloween shows.
Svengoolie, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters.
We even watched Hocus Pocus 2 on Friday.
Then there are the food Halloween shows
on Food Network.
Am loving the Michigan apples and cider.


More Fall in the store.
I just got these hand blown vases in a few weeks ago.

You can add a flameless candle inside 
or a flower arrangement.
If these do not sell by the time I set up
for Christmas, I have a plan for them then too.

Love the orange in the blue cabinet.
Gives the display a pop.

Fun things for display.

I only have one of these pillows left.
A big hit.

These are a few of the crocheted pumpkins I created.
The blue, white and gray ones all sold out.

This sheep and wheelbarrow block
just came in to.

These orange slits smell wonderful!

Another fine display in shades of yellow.

These pumpkin tins just arrived last week.

So did the owls.
I also have squirrels, but forgot to take  pic.

Love the plaid throw and it is so very soft.
The pumpkin tins are almost gone.

Every weekend I keep re-arranging things.
Filling in gaps where things sold.
Even the front Halloween window gets
changed up weekly.
My room is getting empty.
Customers are now asking when I will be
bringing out Christmas.
Well that will begin on Sunday night
after I close.
Yep you heard me right.
Most folks will have there
Fall and Halloween decor up by then.
I will start in the back room and move forward.
What's left will be packed away. 
I dont have sales.
Our philosophy was from the beginning
not to mark things very high
and just mark like we are having 
a sale every day. 
I still make a little money, 
while the customers can purchase affordable items.
Its the reason why I dont have to pack up 
much for each season.
Also dont keep inventory which 
if you know business is not good for the bottom line.

Well off to work.
Then to the store after dinner.
More Christmas inventory came in.

Fall Is Here Blessings To All!



  1. I like your idea of marking things fairly and not having sales. I suppose if you had excess inventory it might be different but you seem to be a very smart buyer with the "right" amount. The store looks great. That plaid throw and the "Gather" are the two that especially catch my eye. We are still seeing my heron, Harry North, up here at the lake, which surprises me a bit as it's getting pretty nippy. But I'm always glad when I do.

  2. Moving things around also makes things look new again and makes the customer look around for those returning window shoppers.

  3. Your store looks so welcoming and warm. Lots of neat merchandize. I agree with fair prices. That's what I did when I had a ceramic shop. I only put things on sale that I wanted to get rid off as it takes up space.

    We had our first frost yesterday morning. The leaves have changed colors and I have a carpet of yellow leaves all over my front lawn.
    Take care,

  4. your store looks wonderful! Happy sales!

  5. It looks perfect for fall and so kind of you to keep prices affordable for customers...I know that's much appreciated.

  6. Hi Janice! You certainly have a busy schedule! Your store pics are always so lovely and I know a few years ago I had high hopes of visiting. Now that we are in Kentucky rather than Wisconsin, that seems even more unlikely - but you never know! In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the snippets you share on the blog. Apple cider season - yes please! So good whether it's warm or cold.

  7. I always love your pretty things......which I lived close to visit your store! I have not seen Hocus Pocus 2 yet.........I hope to!

  8. I love all of the "halloween" movies......and I hope to see Hocus Pocus 2 soon. How I wish I lived close to visit your lovely store! You have such lovely things!

  9. Your shop always looks so inviting!

  10. While fall is my favorite, and I so enjoy your fall displays, I can't help getting excited about seeing what's in store for Christmas!

  11. I like your philosophy, my mom and dad do the same with the crafts and items they sell at the craft sales. They want people to be able to enjoy life with the treasures they make.

    I have not watched any Halloween movies as of yet, I better get a move on. ;-)


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