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Hello friends.
Before I begin my Spooky story,
I want to give a shout out to Jessica.
As soon as I saw that little sheep icon
pop up in the comment section,
I was so happy to see Jessica blogging again.
So many of my blogging friends
over the years have just rode off into the sunset.
So if you can, please follow Jessica over at
Old Crow Homestead and make her
feel welcome again to blog!

Pictured above.

Ok, so this is for Yaya, Carla
and anyone else who wants to hear a ghost story.
Tis the season!
For those who have followed me for
awhile on my blog journey know I also
have an antique store besides our gift shop.
Between September 1st and November 1st
is when the paranormal happenings in our store
start becoming more active.

This year is no exception.

In the back of our store one of our vendors
has a very large portrait hanging on the wall.
This particular wall is cement block.
Over the years, Bob has placed different anchors
in the wall so our vendors can hang items from it.

Well Bob gets a call from this vendor 
who owns said picture and asks
" Did you take down my picture for some reason?"
She asked Bob because our worker said she did
not take it down, and the only way it could come
down is if someone gets the ladder out to take it
off the wall. 
Well of course Bob tells her no I did not take it down.
When Bob gets off the phone and tells me,
I immediately say...well we need to look at the camera.
We had to go to the gift shop anyway,
so after dinner we went.
Our parking lot is between both buildings.

Looking at the camera,
we were stunned.
No mortal being took it down.
We could see it first being moved forward a bit...
by someone....
 then gently it floated down to the floor.
We both got the shivers, but knew then
a ghost had taken that picture down.

After watching the footage a few more times, 
Bob called the vendor to tell her what 
had happened.
She herself is one to believe in ghosts,
so when Bob said...
"I think we should leave it on the floor where
it is for now just in case"
and told her what had happened she agreed.

If you love antiques as much as we do,
you are bound to bring one home with you.
Being in the antique business for 14 years,
we know that sometimes a spirit
will attach itself to an antique.
We even have one in our home.

I truly believe our ghost is attached to this picture.
This man resembles my brother if he had a moustache.
Tundra verified this for us.
He was laying in our bedroom and
all of a sudden he flew out of there.
He ran so fast into the living room
and slid under the chair I was sitting in.
He NEVER came out until we all went to bed.
So something scared him.
Our ghost scared him.

Hopefully I did good on my ghost stories for you.
I sort of did a "twofer"
 as my son would say when he was young.

Spooky Blessings To All!



  1. I will often watch the 'travel' channel which has ghost hunter stories. Each year when I went to Cape May I'd go thru the Victorian hotel looking for ghosts but only found orbs, which are still spirit entities. After watching one particular series and seeing how spirits can attach themselves to people decided to not do that anymore.
    One good story, which I mentioned years ago on my blog, was about some very tattered hooked pieces I purchased at a thrift shop and decided to repair. There was a very pleasant aroma to them as if they had just been removed from a drawer with potpourri. The next morning after waking the clothes I'd worn the day before while repairing the pieces, my clothing smelled like that. Immediately I went upstairs to smell the hooked pieces and the smell was gone from them. I think the lady was letting me know she was glad they found a home who wanted them.

  2. Me again. Thought I'd go look for that blog post in case anyone wants to read about it:

  3. What a fascinating story, Janice. And how very odd. But I will never discount such things -- there is so much about our world we don't know.

  4. You have an interesting ghost story today, and I do believe in ghosts too, as it is mentioned in the Holy Bible, however I prefer not to have encounters with them. It gives me shivers, lol. St Padre Pio encountered ghosts but he knew how to deal with them.
    Take care,

  5. An odd ghost story indeed! Thanks for sharing and I will pop over and welcome Jessica back...I don't believe I have ever visited her blog but I am looking forward to it.

  6. Oh my...and to have it verified on camera! Yikes...I like a good story, but I'm not sure I could sleep after that! So friendly ghosts; good...have you ever found any interesting stories about the shop from before you owned it? Anyone else who might know who/why it has a ghost? Have to ask...have you ever seen anything?! Tis the month...more to share? This one is terrific!

  7. I do believe, I do believe, I DO believe ( that was the Cowardly Lion LOL). But you know I do. You need to post the camera footage of that happening! I bet if you sent it to some of the (many) paranormal investigators out there, they'd have a hey day with it. ~Robin~

  8. I try to avoid such encounters, but could tell a few spooky stories myself. Tundra was wise to take shelter.

  9. Love this! You know I do and you know I'm a ghost believer. I have a couple of stories that I will post this blessed October! I love your little ghost guy too! So cute! You need to post that camera finding to "Paranormal Caught On Camera"...they would love that! Now I really want to visit your stores! Thanks for the shivers today!

  10. Thank you, I enjoyed your ghost story and I am looking forward to more!! :-)


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