Saturday, April 23, 2022

Paper Daffodils

 Happy Saturday evening my friends.
Hope all is going well for you.

I created these paper daffodis 2 years ago
when we launched our gift shop.
They all sold at that time.
It was then that I knew customers were
looking for handmades.
I decided to make more again this year.
These are my patterns.

Once I cut what looks like a 6 sided star,
I fold each petal in half.

I also fold over the inner piece.
Using simple Elmers School glue, 
I glue the pieces.
I use the kind that is purple when applied
and dries clear.

The finished project.

Made these in all yellow,
and some in white and yellow cardstock paper.

Lastly also these ones in pink and white.
I sold so many this year,
that I am not even sure if there are any left.

In other news,
I went to my mom's yesterday after work.
We each had a salmon dinner at the restaurant in town.
I went up there to do some antiquing.
The three stores were having a Spring sale.
Bob was going to work the gift shop for me.
Well he called me at 8:30 this morning
and said our worker called in sick at our antique store.
So I was only able to go to one store and then
Rushed back to town to work the gift shop.
I was late opening, but oh well.

I did bring back three cool items.
An old hooked rug, a makedo light 
and an early white pitcher.
Will show these in another post.
Saundra I will make sure I take a pic of the back too.

Well am going to watch a bit of tv now.
Hope everyone has a great weekend,
what's left of it!

Paper Daffodil Blessing To All!


  1. your paper daffodils are very sweet

  2. harhar, You know me all too well Janice. Yes I'd love to see the back of your antique rug purchase. Smart gal designing and making those sweet daffodils.

  3. Instant beauties that will stay fresh for a very long time.

  4. Love your daffodils ....would be neat made in wool !!! Maybe ?????

  5. Cute daffodils! I think all adults should take a day every now and then to play with paper. It's so therapeutic I think. I like the idea of making them in wool too.... Looking forward to seeing your purchases! ~Robin~

    1. Agreed Robin! I also like the idea of making them in wool. Will have to remember that for net year. Janice

  6. These daffodils are just wonderful! I love them -- so springly land cheery. Thank you for telling us how to make them, although I don't know that I will. But it might be fun to try sometime. I'm sorry your day was cut short with a return to week but I'll look forward to seeing your finds!

    1. Thanks Jeanie! Yeah I was bummed about having to go back early. Hopefully their Christmas sale I can spend more time at. Janice

  7. Oh those daffodils are so pretty...the pink is a pretty pop color for spring. Will look forward to seeing your new treasures!

  8. I LOVE Daffodils. I am looking forward to seeing your finds. :-)

  9. Janice, sorry you had to cut your trip short but sounds like you got some goodies anyway. The daffodils are really charming and different..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  10. Thanks Judy. Yes a bit disappointed, but still glad I was able to find a few things to add to my collections. Janice


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