Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The Joy Of Easter

 Hello Friends!
Hope everyone enjoyed their
Easter festivities for all that celebrate.

I hosted Easter dinner.
My sister and BIL,
Bob's dad and my mom.
My son Matt also joined us.
My daughter now has C Diff and is contagious.
It seems always something is going wrong for her.
Matt ended up being Uber eats
and brought dinner to her afterwards.

I did not do much in the way of
decorating for Easter this year.
This is the few things I added in the kitchen.

Bob brought home this vintage 
Easter candy box. 
at one time it held coconut cream eggs.
He knows I love old boxes.

Moved some of my iron bunnies here too.

This is my table area currently.
I changed it out for an Easter tablecloth
for dinner though. 

A simple display on this pine cabinet.

Faux flowers and crocks.

One fabric egg in this small galvanized container.

I have had this wood crate piece for years.
It was part of a Standard Egg Company egg crate.

Finally my large bunny and a few other 
Spring items.

In other news,
my mom and I broke our 15 dozen pierogi,
by making 18 dozen in two days this time.
We ended up gifting 2 dozen each to family members.

Yesterday we had a snow storm come in.
Mom and I went to breakfast and she headed home
just before it started.
It started snowing after noon and continued
 into the night.
I swear Mother Nature is playing an 
April Fools on us all month.

Well back to work now.
Vacation is over.
Hope everyone enjoys their day!

Joy Of Easter Blessings To All!


  1. I love your big Rabbit! Sorry your daughter has C Diff, I had to google it as I'd never heard of it before. However, upon reading it can say I had diarrhea for 2 months, had a colonoscopy & endoscopy and was diagnosed with collagen colitis. I was prescribed meds which I took for a few months and thankfully it went away. But I wasn't nauseous, just had to stay close to a bathroom..

  2. Each and every one of your displays is beautiful, Janice. I really love the simplicity. It is something I never manage to attain. Of all your beautiful Easter treasures, though, I love best the old candy box. I have several old Christmas boxes (for faux snow, candy, etc.) and Halloween candy boxes, but I have never ever seen an old Easter candy box. Perfect! Bob did well. Some day I would like to try a real homemade perogie. I purchased some frozen ones once from Schwans years and years ago and cooked them as they said, but I was disappointed. Glad the snow held off until after your celebrations were over and your mum made it safely home. Continuing prayers for your daughter. She must be getting so weary. ~Robin~

  3. Oh I love the pattern on the crock with the pink & white flowers...so pretty. As always, you give me terrific ideas to try and make my own displays better! I just finished the blue shelves...I think, not sure! Maybe I'll post tomorrow... :-/
    And what an accomplishment - so many pierogi; such lucky recipients!

  4. Your display is simple and effective to convey a spring mood even though you ave snow outside. It looks very inviting with those colorful flowers in the little crock.

    I've never made pierogis although the recipe I have looks simple enough. I may give it a try one of these days.

    I'm sorry about your daughter having yet another setback. I hope that she will feel well very soon.


  5. I think you had wonderful "party favors" for your family members! I'm so sorry your daughter is ill again. I know that made the holiday not quite as complete as it would be otherwise. But with so many loving family in your home, I know it was lovely. (And I loved that candy box!)

  6. So sorry to hear about your daughter. She just can't catch a break.
    That's a lot of pierogis. Nothing like homemade ones. Will you adopt me?
    Your salt glaze crocks...be still my heart!

  7. I love the candy box!
    Pierogis.. YUMMY!!!

  8. Look like you had a wonderful Easter and time with family. I miss having cooking time with my Mom. I think your decor is perfect for the holiday and I'm sure it was enjoyed by all! Have a good weekend and I hope the warm weather we're supposed to get finds it way to you!

  9. Hi Janice! Sending prayers for your daughter. As far as Easter decor, sometimes less makes a big impact and your sweet touches are just so pretty. Love the coconut egg box! Jane


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