Thursday, April 7, 2022

Bob's Creativity

Hello friends!
I first want to thank everyone who commented
on Mary's cabinet.
It is an awesome one for sure!
If you follow Mary at
Windy Meadow Farm,
she will do a post once she decides
on her own display.

Today I wanted to share what Bob 
has been up to.

These are the wood 
"Peeps" bunnies he created.
The yellow was everyone's favorite it seems.
He kept making more of that color.

He made these wood tulips too!
Shades of rose, pink and purple.

White, orange and yellow.
Add some flower foam to a vase of your choice.
Stick a tulip inside for a fun display!
Plus these don't need watering.

I also love these bunny baskets!
This was a pattern my dad had.
Filled with green grass for a great
Easter display.
Add candy if you choose.

In other news.
Driving through the marsh the other day,
a car in front of me was flying in my opinion.
He ended up driving into a swan that
was crossing the road.
The swan of course died, and the guys 
car had major front end damage.
Do I feel sorry for him.
Now unfortunately, since this is nesting season,
this was a male swan who was killed.
Now because he cannot aid the female,
the eggs may never hatch.
Plus swans mate for life.
So sad overall.

May 4th I have been told I can return
back to the office for work.
Now I am not thrilled about this,
because my office has moved to another city.
My commute will be 20 minutes longer.
Plus I will no longer be driving along 
our fine river each day.
Also I will not have an office overlooking
the same river.
Guess I should be thankful I still have a job.
The good thing, is I only have to go in
twice a week.
Glad for this since gas prices have increased too.

Well off to my home office for now.

Pre Easter Blessings To All!


  1. Sweet stuff by Bob. Perfect!
    So sorry you have to commute back to work...even further away. Thankfully it is only 2 days a least for now.

  2. 😡🤬😢 on the swan. As soon as I started reading my head was screaming "OH NO! It's nesting season!! Breaks my heart. Sweet bunnies and flowers Bob made. I had an bunny basket like that way back when. It would be very difficult for me to readjust to going back to an office after all this time. Wishing you the best with that. ~Robin~

  3. Yep...that yellow bunny would be my favorite! Oh so sad about the swan...I know accidents happen, but there's no reason to be rushing unless there's an emergency. It's so dangerous. My hubby just witnessed a car fly by him and run two oncoming cars off the road. Thank goodness there was a field for them to quickly turn into, it could have been a head-on disaster. So many people have worked remotely and been'd think more businesses would be open to keeping that going. Mary

  4. So sad about that poor swan. I read that some swans can die of a broken heart when they loose their mate or they may mate again, but after a long time.

    Your husband wooden Easter creations are really beautiful. I'm sure they'll sell well. I really like those tulips.

    I hope that you'll adjust well to your commute to work. Summer isn't too bad but winter is another may not be so good in nasty weather. At least, it's only 2 days a week.

    Take care,

  5. I love those bunnies and the bunny baskets..way cute! I think your hubby is super talented! That's too bad about that swan. Why folks have to drive like the devil is chasing them is beyond me. I hope your new work situation works out good in the long run. I know many who are returning to the office having been at home and not really too thrilled. Have a good weekend!

  6. Well, Tundra will miss you I'm sure! What a tragic loss! Idiot drivers. Bob's wood bunies and tulips all look so nice. I remember those patterns too. Have a great weekend!

  7. I don't think I knew you worked in the office as well as the stores. That will be tough. And I'm with you on the swan-killer. We were going down 96 to the kids, speed limit 70, and I swear most cars (ironically, mostly SUVs and trucks) were going at least 80 or more. Where are the state police when you need them? People carp about gas being so expensive but remember in the Carter days when we drove 55 to save fuel? It actually worked! Not that they could ever get that through again, but still, there might be a lot fewer accidents -- human and avian.

    And Bob is very talented! Love all you shared!

  8. So sad about the swan. It is so sweet to see them do the head/neck dance. BooHoo

  9. Janice, all the little bunnies looks so cute. Your hubby is very talented. We see a lot of dead deer along the highways here. I always feel sorry for the deer but if one jumped off of the bank in front of your car, that would almost be impossible to miss even if you were going the speed limit, but to hit a swan seems like something easily avoided if you were driving at the right speed. Of course, it must have been the swan's fault!..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  10. Hi Janice, what a sad story about the swan. So heartbreaking. Your Bob is talented guy for sure - those bunnies are adorable! What a bummer about your office location change, especially - as you said - with gas prices these days. Maybe you need to ask for a raise! Have a terrific weekend, Jane

  11. Hi, my heart is just sick about the swan. Swan's have recently come back to our area of Wisconsin, I love seeing them.
    Bob's work is lovely, I love the bright colored tulips.
    Good luck with the changes with your work location.
    Love, Carla


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