Tuesday, April 30, 2019

To Err Is Humam

Well it looks like another rainy day
on tap for us here in Michigan.
Driving by the marsh last night 
the water was getting higher.
The coots were enjoying the rain
while the muskrats were foraging for food.
No sign of our egrets and herons
who come back from the South though.
It is nice to hear the frogs too! 
Spring is in the air.

Spring cleaning in our humble abode too.
We purchased this cabinet many years ago.
When I decided to go lighter in my kitchen....
I thought this cabinet would fit the bill.

I parted with my hanging blue cabinet.

Also my blue bucket bench.

This cabinet has been in our laundry room,
for storage of Bob's tools.
He agreed we should move it.
He was a sweetheart and cleaned it out.
He even moved it to where I wanted in.
I measured and it would be a perfect fit.
What is the old saying.
Measure twice....cut once.

I love the white color.
Well in my case I should have
 measured width.

U  G H
Now mind you Bob likes it here.
I think it is too wide.
It will stay here for now.
Have my feelers out for another white cabinet.
Hopefully I can find one soon.

Have you ever blundered on a piece of furniture?

To Err Is Human Blessings To All!


  1. I could usually find a place for a piece of furniture...well in the past I could...now the house is FULL. I did buy one hanging cupboard that was too deep for my teeny tiny kitchen, so it is happily hanging in my niece's house in Chicago 😊

  2. To answer your question: MANY times. You see, I have an awful sense of size...I am the one that will go through 3 leftover containers to find one that finally fits (and end up with lots of dishes that way). The biggest goof I almost made (but thankfully didn’t) was with our couch and chair.... We have an odd shaped living room with our circular stairway and all the windows, and always had an old mohair couch I had purchased in my college days from my aunt and uncle. We had had it recovered twice and I was just tired of it...so when it came time to redo it again, I decided we’d get new. I found a set I absolutely loved and all but had it delivered, but thought I should get my husband’s blessing. Well, he went and looked at it and said he didn’t think it would fit. Well, we measured...and ummmm....there would have been a 2” walkway left LOL. While I still am loving the blade bench and cupboard, I think the white is fine size wise....It looks to be the same width as the blue pieces???


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