Friday, April 12, 2019

More Urban Garage

TGIF Friends!
Once again am taking a vacation day
to work on painting more tiles for the new store.
Here are a few more pics.

This is our laundry area.

Bob made this shelf using a galvanized tub.
I stenciled the word laundry on a piece of wood.
Sorry I must have took the pic
 at an angle and it looks crooked.
Bob also made the ladder.

Another light Bob made.

Another one he made from this key globe.

This is the bottom of another floor lamp.
The base was from an old wood desk chair.
The chair was broke, but the base was still good.

This metal file cabinet is holding my tiles.

The Scrabble tiles I have been painting.
On letter "T".
Almost done with the alphabet.

Do you remember these,
For those who don' was a pay phone.

More of our Nautical room.

Another corner of it.
Bob added another picture above the chair
after I took this pic.
It is a picture of a another boat.

This ship is a clock and lights up red when turned on.
Bob made this table from the metal form he had.

Bob made our counter out of this 
awesome red barnwood.

The cabinet in the back.
He made this to hide the pipes.

This cabinet is HUGE.
It took me an entire day to clean it.
Came out of a barn...
and fits perfectly by the front door.
Bob decided this was to be his soda pop area.

Well off to paint I go.
Our inspection is next Tuesday.
If all goes well, we intend to have
 a soft opening May 1st.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Urban Garage II Blessings To All!


  1. lots of hard work but it looks great!

    1. Thank you! Yes lots of hard work. I am bushed. Worked 12 hours days both Friday and Saturday.

  2. Everything looks great. Hubby is very creative, too. LOVE his industrial lights.

  3. Wow ….very creative ….looks wonderful !

  4. Everything looks fantastic Janice!! Absolutely love Bob’s lights...especially the floor lamp. That large ship model is a real beauty.... For some reason, I have always thought it would be cool to have one. Happy weekend...don’t work too hard. ~Robin~

    1. I will let Bob know you liked his lights. The ship is a huge one. We decided on a nautical room because we live by the big river. Janice

  5. Hi Janice! Everything is looking great and definitely a testament to your hard work. May 1st! Exciting! Jane

    1. Thanks Jane. Yes we may have a soft opening before then...not sure yet. But excited! Janice

  6. Every thing in your store looks so wonderful! Yes, I remember those old phones! Good luck with your inspection and hope your opening day is successful!

    1. Thanks a bunch! We are both nervous and excited. All of our friends who have seen it in person love hopefully our customers will too! Janice

  7. How pretty your store is looking! Best wishes for your opening!

    1. Thank you on both accounts! Looking forward to our opening. Janice

  8. It is looking awesome! all the best!

    1. Thank you Krishna. We are hoping all goes well. Janice

  9. OH MY! The shop is looking amazing!!!

  10. Thanks a bunch Jacky! Means a lot coming from you. Janice


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