Saturday, April 27, 2019

Spring Post Easter Display

Happy weekend to all!
We stayed at the new store last night
until 9:00pm pricing.
Trying to get things finalized for our
May 1st opening.
Will work there tomorrow again.
New computer- check
New Open sign- check
Floor mats for the doors- check
Cash register- check
Credit card machine- nope
Phone- nope
Business hours on door- nope
Inventory entered- nope
(Some of the things we still need to do)

For now one last Easter display.

Another simple one.

I have one little cabinet where I keep
a few Easter goodes in.

No time to get up in the attic...
so glad for this minimal stash.

Well off to the grocery store.
Afterwards to TUG
(The Urban Garage)
The new nickname we gave our new store.

What are your plans for this last weekend
of April?

Can you believe we may get snow tonight?

Post Easter Blessings To All!


  1. we may get flurries tonight ugh too! We are headed a bit south to the coast of Maine for an over night a wonderful gift from my daughter and her husband. We are meeting up with family at a restaurant for dinner so looking forward to that.

  2. Sweet vignette.
    At least you know the snow won't stick around for long ⛄️⛄️⛄️!

    1. The snow passed us thank goodness but a cold rainy day today. Janice

  3. Snow in our forecast too...but at least not the 6” they originally said we were going to get. Grateful for little blessings. I really love this Easter vignette....the white bunnies are so wonderful. Good luck with finishing up the last details for the new store....May 1st is just around the corner! Doing some paperwork here and hope to finish up some stitching and maybe even look for my long-neglected hooking project....then again, maybe not LOL..... ~Robin~. (PS....You asked in your comment on my last post about the designer of the little chick and egg cart mat....I don’t get an email with your comment for some reason, so had no way to reply to you (and not sure how to change my blog format to allow replies on comments directly like you have) any event, I am sorry for have neglected including that info....I have revised the post to include it.... The pattern is “Spring Chicken #2” by Ginny Glover of Cabin Fever Rugs. Her patterns are difficult to find online, so I included a link in my original post....)

    1. Thanks Robin for the info. Will look up the designer. Janice

  4. If it snowed I didn't see any, the sun is out this morn. But the furnace is on. I am just getting around to looking at Easter things, better late than miss all the nice displays. Sometime tell us who the old folks pictures are, old photos are my thing.

    1. The couple are my paternal grandmothers parents...Robert and Effie. The older gentleman I have no idea. I was drawn to him and purchased him. Thanks for stopping by. Janice

  5. Best of Luck, Janice on your store's opening this coming week! You have sure been busy with that check-list you shared. Your Easter bunny gathering is sweet and I always enjoy looking at what you come up with to celebrate the seasons and holidays.

    Hopefully, you won't get any snow or at least not anything to amount too much. Crazy to have this weekend another blast of Winter!! Surely May will finally bring a respite to it All!!

  6. TUG - cute! You'll be busy, I'm sure, but once it's done you can enjoy your opening this week!


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