Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ride Sharing

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday for me.
I just laid around and played hooky
from working on anything.
The only constructive thing I did was
rearrange the kitchen a bit
and took a few Valentine's items down.
Oh and made chicken enchiladas for dinner.

These I left for now.

They reside at the end of our hall.

They decided to hitch a ride.

However this white steed
has no plans of travelling.

Therefore the ride share plan
is not very advantageous
for these friends.

Maybe they should ask the other horse
if he will give them a ride. :-)

Guess I need to be more productive today. 

Maybe I will start another hook project.

Any plans for your Sunday?

I do have FIL coming over
 for my homemade chili tonight.
He lives close to us,
so he usually comes for dinner
one day of the weekend.
I don't mind.
Love to hear his stories.

Ride Share Blessings To All!


  1. Happy Sunday to you Janice.... Ooooh....I love those old teddies....and horses! Especially the larger one on top of the taller cabinet!!! I am still under the weather with this cold/flu stuff, so my plans are limited....If I’m up to it, I may start a new little stitch project....and maybe if I am REAL ambitious, mix up a batch of cookies. Have a great day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Thank you Robin! I have two other white steeds hanging around that I cherish as well. Hope you feel better. I made brownies today, hooked and watched tv. We are under a flood warning again. More ice came in overnight. UGH. When will this weather turn to Spring? Janice

  2. Look at those little bear friends enjoying a ride together on their horse friend's back!! Very fun and sweet. I think having a lazy day is very necessary once in awhile because it helps us recalibrate our energy and thoughts! Hope your Sunday is going well and is restful too. When you are working, it always feels like the weekends fly by too fast and the work weeks can drag on so slow!!

    1. Yes I enjoyed my lazy day! It snowed quite a bit last night and FIL did not go home until it eased up. We told him he could stay the night, but he was determined to go home. Bob called him a bit after he left to make sure he made it home safe. Janice

  3. Love the cupboard with the quilts. Oh, that would be great for wool!

    1. I have another cabinet with my stash of wool. I will show soon. Janice

  4. That's nice to be able to still visit with your FIL. I worked on 2 new needle felted critters for an upcoming class. I worked on them at the antique shop I sell at Saturday. Several customers want me to teach a make and take next month. Today, I have to catch up on bookwork and housework. Have a great day!

  5. How fun to make those felted critters! I hooked today on my little bunny mat. Janice

  6. Love that heart! There are some days I could be more productive too, but you know how it goes! :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by Mindy! LOL on being productive. I was able to complete a hooked bunny mat over the weekend. Not much of anything else though. Janice


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