Saturday, February 23, 2019

February CupboardScape

V is for Valentine.
I should have published this post 
back on Valentine's day.
Better late than never.

This transfer ware pitcher has a Cupid on it.
The dried hydrangeas are from my garden.
The white berries are called tallow berries.

The teapot from last post.

Pops of pink

and red.

A thunder pot (chamber pot)
holds red twig dogwood branches from my garden,
chenille hearts and valentines. 
A fabric heart tucked in the handle. 

I added this red fabric box with my bunny.

Side view.

Front view.

A wider shot with my pitchers on the shelf above.

Side view looking into our living room.

Another V is the formation geese use to fly.
Fly North they are!
I saw many V formations yesterday.
A sure sign Spring is around the corner.
Counting down.
Working the store today.
Will hook a new mat tomorrow.
What are your plans for the weekend?
Hope everyone has a wonderful one!
Did I say 25 days til Spring? :-)

V Blessings To All!


  1. come on spring!!! we are going into the cold again and snow tomorrow. Love your valentine's decorations.

    1. Thank you Cathy! I cannot speak ill of the snow anymore as Nod received 18 inches again. Janice

  2. Yesterday was beautiful here, snow even melting, I heard some spring sounding birds...we had a forecast of another 8-12" coming, but somehow it didn't or doesn't matter - spring is in the air.

  3. You redecorate often. Me rarely...sigh.
    Let's hear it for spring!

  4. You really rock the reds favorite is the little red box and rabbit though....maybe it’s an unconscious forward-looking hope for spring LOL. Dicky Bird is just east of me about 45 minutes...and while it may not matter to her, it does to me. I’m over it! Hunkering down here and waiting...races are here this weekend, so our driver/friends are here from Canada...but hope to sneak in some stitching.... Robin-

    1. The red box is a repo. Wish I could find a real wallpaper hat box. Janice

  5. Janice, I love old red pottery and your teapot and little pitcher are lovely! Plus, you made the cutest Valentine tree with branches in the old chamber pot. So Clever!!

    Did you know that meteorologists consider the months March-May as Spring based on the temperatures and global conditions in the northern hemisphere. Sooooo, just like Fall begins September 1 , Spring begins March 1. That means Spring is officially, according to weather science, is only 4 more days and a wake-up!! If you want to follow the weather calendar for seasons like me, you can break out all the bunnies and early spring themed stuff next weekend! They are hopping out in my house as Spring is bursting out down here. I was looking at my little chickens you made today and will be getting them out this week for sure!

  6. Lovely pinks and reds. Everyone is rooting for Spring...
    how sweet it will be when it arrives.

  7. You had a really pretty Valentine display. Never thought about using chenille hearts, so cute! I like that transfer ware pitcher too.

    1. Yep, I was thinking about making some for July 4th and Halloween too. Janice


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