Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Love Song

Hello all!
Two more Valentine posts to share.

This Cupid doll and true love pillow
I made ions ago.
The music book behind is flipped to the song
"I Only Know I Love You"
It was perfect for Valentine's.

I purchased this violin last year. 

This quilt block is one in which I will be selling
at our upcoming Holly prim show.
We found about a 100 of them at a recent pick.
I have sold all but the ones I kept for the show.
I believe there are 20 left...cannot remember.

My little corner of love.

Although the Valentine's decor is still up 
in this corner, the garland around the door frames
has been put away until next Christmas.

To the right is our tv.

This red cabinet holds my wool.
My current small wool projects are in a basket
right in front of this cabinet.
I normally do not show off this cabinet....
because of the tv, but decided to today.
My style may look primitive, 
but we live in this century.

Hope everyone is surviving whatever
Mother Nature is throwing at you.

Love Song Blessings To All!


  1. I was going to take down my Valentine display yesterday, but then I thought we have a few more days and it's so snowy...nah, I'll leave it up. Your displays are always so nice. 100 of those! I probably couldn't have even sold a 1! That right there is my hoarding problem....have a great day.

    1. I still have mine up. Will take down this weekend. There are things we dont buy for the store because we know it wont sell. Trial and error. Janice

  2. The corner of love is so cute..

  3. I love all of your prims that you gather together for various seasons. They always make such a wonderful grouping that reflects a holiday or season. I hear that next week is going to be another really cold one for you so stay safe and warm!

    1. Thank you Winnie. Foggy along the river today. Snow back Sunday and then the Polar Vortex. But I am not going to complain anymore because Robin over at the Cranky Crow has it worse. Janice

  4. Janice, I love your little corner of love. Thanks for your visit. Our snow is all gone now and hope the next big thing to come will be spring!..Happy Thursday..Judy

    1. Wishing for Spring! Benn an icy Winter for us. Janice

  5. I just love your little corner of love Janice!! I didn’t really decorate much for Valentine’s Day this year (was too slow taking down Christmas LOL), and most of what I did take out is still up at this point....I did switch my tucks out for the few St. Pat’s ones I have made (a whopping 2 ha ha)! That violin is beautiful.... One of my favorite instruments. Hope the week has been good to you. We had another 6” of snow Tuesday night....and more coming tomorrow. IIIIICCCCKKK. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. I am no longer going to complain about the weather here because you have had it much worse. ICK is an understatement probably for you. Stay warm my friend! Janice

  6. What sweet nooks and crannies! I hope the memorial service is beautiful today.

  7. Thank you Kimm. It was a beautiful service. Many folks spoke of a memory with Bob's aunt. They made it fun and heartfelt. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Janice


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