Monday, February 11, 2019

Girl Power

I cannot believe it is Monday already.
Another weekend behind me.
Another ice storm ahead.
This one to hit tonight.

I decided to gather up my dollies
and put them all together
for Valentines.

I fell in love with this suitcase
A military one manufactured in
Cincinnati, OH.

Added this transfer ware plate.

Don't they look cute!

Her too!

A linsey woolsey piece.

A small vignette by the door.

A wide shot of this side 
of our living room.
Our front door is to the left.

I had fun hooking over the weekend.
I hooked a flower that will
be made for a candle mat.
Have to steam and finish,
then will show it off.

I wanted to finish this so bad,
that I did not work on my bunnies.
So I will work on them at work
during my lunches this week.
Wish I was retired so I had more time
to be creative.
I have a few more years.

Girl Power Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice! The weekends go way too fast, that's for sure. We have 4 to 6 inches of snow and maybe a bit of freezing rain headed out way - it's been quite the winter. Your suitcase is wonderful. It's really cool that the graphics are still intact. Your ladies are looking sharp in there and don't get me started on the transferware plate - beautiful! Ha warm and cozy week! Jane

    1. Yes they do Jane! Am so tired of ice and snow. If I complain about it being too hot this Summer, please slap me.:-) Janice

  2. Linsey, Woolsey - I'm using that one! Beautiful as always. Yes, girls power it through the week!

    1. LOL. Yep thats what I call early wool blankets. Thanks for stopping by Jacky! Janice

  3. Lovely doll collection !
    I would say, retired or not, you get a lot done...
    looking forward to seeing your hooking project.

    1. I try to anyways.Sometimes projects get put on the back burner. Thanks for stopping by Rose! Janice

  4. Such a sweet vignette!
    I love being retired, but I sure don't have all this creative time I thought I would have. I need a course in time management for sure! (And less time on the darn computer!)

    1. Time management is my fortay. I keep trying to comment on your blog and for some reason today will not letme.Loved your bunny and still love your hearts! Janice

  5. OH how I wish I was retired too but my mother always said don't wish your life away so I am trying not to.

    1. Well I guess I need to re-think not want to wish my life away....just wish I more time to create. Janice

  6. Love your gals...and that sweet vignette Janice.... We, too, are supposed to get a bit of ice....then 13” of snow again. Hello???? I am SO over this already! It seems like the less I “officially” work, the more “inefficient” I get and the less time I actually have. I think I got a LOT more done (even in the creativity dept) when I worked 60+ hrs/wk, was basically a single mom (Papa Crow was running a business hours away) and tried to be Wonder Woman LOL. Stay safe my friend.... Monday Hugs ~ Robin

    1. So now I cannot post on your blog. UGH. What a jerk that UPS driver was. Loved the jar at the end! Ice storm moving in with 6 inches of snow behind it. I bet you were the best Wonder Woman in Nod!!! Janice

  7. Thank you Krishna! I so love my dollies! Janice

  8. I am loving this collection of red and your adorable Back dollies! Old Man Winter is sure trying everyone's good will up your way! It seems to be one ugly storm followed by another these days. Stay safe and I hope the worst of Winter will end soon for all of you up in those northern tier states.

    Happy, Happy that I can still post comments!!

  9. So glad you can post too! Thank you for the Valentine card. So sweet pf you to send! Yes these storms are trying our patience up here. We know how to deal with snow...but the ice is horrible, not to mention a bit precarious here by the river. Worked from home so that helped. Hopefully they will get the icesalted now before the 6 inches of snow comes in overnight. So ready for Spring. Janice


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