Thursday, February 14, 2019

Oh Valentine

There is no remedy for love
but to love no more

Better to have loved and lost,
then to have never loved at all
                               ~~~ST AUGUSTINE


I so love the vintage pop up Valentines.

I have been able to collect 
a few of these beauties.

They are so sweet.

Displayed a few in these cloches.

Not only do they look pretty under glass,
but it keeps my kitties from being tempted
to chew on them.
One never knows what happens
when mama cat (me) is at work. LOL

Kept my white apothecary
 here from last month.
Figured the white would look nice 
with the pops of red.

This table is directly to the left of our front door.
I keep it here in the Winter months.

Our front door.

Night time view of this area.
It's a bit dark, so hopefully you can see.

What will be your plans today?
Bob and I will have a quiet dinner at home.
Tomorrow we will have a nice lunch together.
Something we don't often do.

Oh Valentine Blessings To ALL!


  1. Happy Valentine's day you always decorate so lovely

  2. Happy Valentnes Day. The apothocary boxes are so "in" right now. Of course I sold one last year, metal too cheap! Isn't that the way in this business. I have to work today and the next 2 days at our monthly antique shop. I did order some pretty Valentines' Day cookies for our customers. I'll bring some of mine when those run out...(wink, wink)...mine aren't pretty. Enjoy your lunch tomorrow!

    1. Yes it is the way of the business. I am sure your cookie will be yummy! Happy Valentines!!! Janice

  3. Sweet Valentines.
    Happy ❤️ Day to you.

  4. Love those sweet pop up valentines. Happy St. Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you Robyn. Hope you and Annie had an awesome Valentines! Janice

  5. Oh dear! this is very beautiful.
    Happy Valentine's day.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day Janice! Hope you had a good day....I, too, love the old pop up Valentines....I have a pretty large collection that I, unfortunately, no longer display....Only so much room, sigh. We are still burrowing out from our latest dumping of snow (16” on Tuesday), and it is snowing again as I type this. Hope your weather has mellowed a bit. Smiles & Heart Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Hope your Valentines was good too Robin! You sure are getting the snow your way. We have had more ice and wintry mix here...but on tap for snow tomorrow. Janice


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